David And Batsheba
Before dry sizin, for di time wey kings dey go war, David send Joab with en ofisas join Israel pipol sojas and dem defeat Ammon pipol kon take-ova Rabbah town. But David stay for Jerusalem.
One day, David wake-up from sleep for aftanoon kon waka go di roof. As e dey waka round for der, e si one woman wey dey baf for en house and e fine well-well. So e send messenja go find out who di woman bi. Leta, dem kon tell am sey na Batsheba, wey bi Eliam pikin and na Uriaya wey bi Hit pesin, bi en husband. David send messenjas go koll am. Dem koll di woman kom and David sleep with am. Dat time, di woman just mestrate finish, so e kon go en house back. Afta, di woman kon si sey e get belle, den e send message go tell David.
David send message go give Joab, “Make yu send Uriaya wey bi Hit pesin kom meet mi.” So Joab send am go meet David. Wen Uriaya kom, David ask weda evritin dey well with Joab and di rest pipol and how di fight dey go. Den e tell Uriaya, “Make yu go house go rest small.” Uriaya go en house, den David send gift go gi-am. But Uriaya nor go house, instead e sleep for di palis gate with di guards.
10 Wen David hear sey Uriaya nor go house, e kon ask am, “Yu just kom back from where yu go since, why yu nor go house?”
11 Uriaya ansa, “Israel and Judah men with di Kovenant Box dey war; Joab wey bi my kommander and en ofisas, kamp for open place. How I go take go house go chop, drink and sleep with my wife? So, I use evritin wey dey holy take swear sey I nor go fit do dat kind tin.”
12 So David ansa, “Make yu stay here today and tumoro, den I go send yu go back.” So Uriaya stay for Jerusalem dat day and di next day. 13 David invite am kom chop and drink till evening. But Uriaya nor still go house dat nite, instead e sleep for en blanket for di palis guard-room.
14 Di next day, David rite leta give Uriaya sey make e give Joab. 15 Wetin dey di leta na, “Put Uriaya for di front line, where di fight for strong well-well, so dat dem go kill-am.”
16 So, as Joab dey surround di town, e kon send Uriaya go di place where enemies for strong well-well. 17 Di enemy sojas kom fight Joab sojas and dem kill Uriaya with some of David ofisas.
18 Den Joab send messenja go tell David how di war dey go 19 and e tell di messenja sey, “Afta yu don tell di king about di war, 20 e fit vex ask yu, ‘Why una go near di town go fight dem? Una nor know sey dem go shot arrow from di walls? 21 Una don forget how dem take kill Abimelek wey bi Gideon pikin? Na for Tebez, one woman trow stone from di wall kon kill-am. Why una go near di wall like dat?’ If di king ask yu dis tins, den make yu tell am sey, ‘Uriaya wey bi yor offisa, don die too.’ ”
22 So di messenja go meet David kon tell am wetin Joab tok. 23 E sey, “Awa enemy strong pass us and dem from di town kom fight us for open field, but wi drive dem go di town gate back. 24 Den dem shot arrow from di wall kon kill Uriaya and some of yor ofisas.”
25 David tell di messenja, “Tell Joab make e nor fear or vex, bikos dem nor dey know who go die for war. Tell am make e attack di town well-well kon win am.”
26 Wen Batsheba hear sey dem don kill en husband, e mourn for am. 27 Wen e mourn finish, David kon bring am kom di palis and e born boy for am. But God nor like wetin David do.