David Last Word
David wey bi Jesse pikin, na God make am great well-well. Na dis pesin, Jakob God choose as king and na-im rite betta songs for Israel pipol. Dis na di last words wey David tok:
“God Spirit dey tok thru mi;
en message dey for my lip.
Israel God don tok,
di Pesin wey dey protet Israel tell mi sey:
‘King wey dey rule well
and fear God,
bi like sun wey shine
for morning;
di sun wey dey make grass shine
afta rain don fall put.’
Na so God go take bless my shidren-shidren,
bikos E don make kovenant
wey go last forever with mi:
agriment wey nor dey break
and promise wey nor dey shange.
Na wetin go give mi viktory bi dat
and God go make am happen.
But doz wey nor know God bi like shuku-shuku wey dem trowey;
nobody fit tosh dem with ordinary hand,
instead, pesin must use iron
or spear take gada and burn dem.”
David Sojas
Dis na David sojas wey get pawa well-well:
Di first one na Josheb-Basshebet wey kom from Tahkemon and naim bi di leader for, “Di Three”, e fight with eight hundred men and e kill dem for one war.
Di sekond one for Di Three wey get pawa, na Eleazar wey bi Dodo pikin from Ahohi family. One day, en and David shalenge Filistia pipol wey gada for war, even wen Israel pipol run go back, 10 e stand fight till en hand bigin pain am and en swod kon gum en hand. God give dem viktory dat day. Wen Israel pipol go meet Eleazar afta di fight, di only tin wey remain for dem to do, na to kollect all di tins wey Filistia sojas die leave.
11 Di third one for Di Three wey get pawa, na Shammah wey bi Agee pikin wey kom from Harar. Wen Filistia pipol gada for Lehi where dem plant peas put, Israel pipol run from dem, 12 but Shammah nor run and e fight and kill all of dem. God give dem viktory dat day.
13 Wen di time to harvest don rish, three out of “Di Thirty” kon go Adullam Kave where David dey and many Filistia pipol kamp for Refah Valley. 14 Dat time, David dey for one hill wey dem guide, while some Filistia pipol don take-ova Betlehem. 15 For dat time, David dey hongry for wota so e sey, “How I wish somebody fit bring wota kom give mi make I drink from di well wey dey near di gate for Betlehem!” 16 Di three sojas wey get pawa well-well kon force demsef pass Filistia pipol kamp and dem draw wota from di well kon go give David. But e nor gri drink am; instead, e pour am as ofrin for God 17 kon sey, “Oga God, I nor fit drink dis wota! E go bi like sey I dey drink dis pipol blood wey risk dia life!” So e nor gri drink am.
18 Joab broda, Abishai wey dia mama na Zeruaya, na leader for di three. E use en spear take fight against three hundred men kon kill dem and en name dey famous among di three. 19 Na-im dem know pass among “Di Thirty” and e bi dia leader, but e nor dey popula rish “Di Three.”
20 Benaya, wey bi Jehoiada pikin, wey kom from Kabzeel, na anoda popula soja. E do many strong tins kon kill two men among Moab strong sojas. One day, e still waka enter one pit go kill lion. 21 One day, Benaya attack and kill one Egypt man wey tall well-well and hold spear for hand. E use di man spear take kill-am. 22 Dat na some of di tins wey Benaya wey bi one among “Di Thirty” do. 23 E get pawa well-well, but e nor popula rish “Di Three.” David make am leader among en bodyguards. 24 Odas for “Di Thirty”
na Asahel wey bi Joab broda;
Elhanan wey bi Dodo pikin, wey kom from Betlehem;
25 Shammah
and Elika wey bi Harod pipol;
26 Helez wey bi Paltite pesin;
Ira wey bi Ikkesh pesin and e kom from Tekoa;
27 Abiezer wey kom from Anatot;
Mebunnai wey bi Hushah pesin;
28 Zalmon wey bi Ahohi pesin;
Maharai wey bi Netofat pesin;
29 Heled wey bi Baanah pikin wey kom from Netofat;
Ittai wey bi Ribai pikin wey kom from Gibeah for Benjamin tribe;
30 Benaya wey bi Piraton pesin;
Hiddayi wey kom from Wadis for Gaash;
31 Abi-Albon wey bi Arbat pesin;
Azmavet wey kom from Barhum,
32 Eliahba wey bi Shaalbon pesin
and na Jashen born am
Jonatan wey bi; 33 Shammah from Harar pikin;
Ahiam wey bi Sharar pikin from Harar,
34 Elifelet, Ahasbai pikin wey kom from Maakat;
Eliam wey bi Ahitofel pikin from Gilo;
35 Hezro from Karmel;
Paarai from Arb,
36 Igal, Natan pikin wey kom from Zobah;
Bani from Gad;
37 Zelek wey kom from Ammon,
Naharai from Beerot, na-im dey karry Joab wey bi Zeruaya pikin swod and spear;
38 Ira and Gareb wey kom from Jattir
39 and Uriaya wey bi Hit pesin.
All of dem na thirty-seven.