Paul Sekond Leta To
Di sekond leta na to enkourage Timoti make e stand firm for di faith and tish korrect doctrine, so dat false tishas nor go fit deceive pipol to follow wrong way. Paul remind Timoti sey, before Jesus Christ go kom, di trobol wey dem go face, go plenty well-well, bad tishas and wiked pipol go dey and dem go dey tok against God pipol. Paul tell Timoti make e remember di message about Jesus Christ wey die and raiz-up from deat.
I Salot
Na Paul, Jesus Christ apostle rite dis leta, bikos na so God wont am, so dat I go prish about di life wey God promise us thru Christ. To Timoti, my pikin wey I love. Make grace, mesi and peace dey with yu from God awa Papa and awa Oga God Jesus Christ.
Paul Tank Timoti
Anytime I remember yu for my prayer, weda na for nite or day time, I dey always tank God wey I dey serve with betta mind, just as my grand-grand papa dem serve am. Wen I remember as yu take kry, e dey hongry mi to kom si yu, so dat joy go full my mind. I always dey remember di faith wey yu first get from yor grand-mama, Lois and from yor mama, Eunice. I dey sure sey e dey inside yu.
Na dis make mi dey remind yu sey, make yu dey use God gift wey yu get well and yu receive dis gift afta I lay hand for yor head. Bikos God nor give us di spirit wey go make us fear, but di spirit wey E give us, get pawa, love and sef kontrol.
So make yu dey proud to tok about Christ or about mi wey dey prison bikos of am and make yu use di pawa wey God give yu, take follow mi sofa for dis gospel. Bikos God save and koll us to live holy life. E do like dis, nor bi sey wi deserve am bikos of wetin wi do, but na so E plan am even before di world start, so dat wey go know en grace thru Jesus Christ. 10 But naw, E don bring all dis plan out wen awa Oga God Jesus Christ kom dis world. E distroy deat pawa kon bring life wey nor dey end thru di gospel. 11 Na dis gospel make God choose mi as prisha, apostle and tisha. 12 And naim make mi dey sofa wetin I dey sofa so. But I nor dey shame, bikos I know di Pesin wey I dey serve and I dey sure sey, E go guide di tin wey I gi-am whole, until di day wey Christ go kom.
13 Make yu kontinue with di word wey I tell yu kon dey do am with di faith and love wey dey inside Christ. 14 Make yu guide di good tins wey God give yu thru di Holy Spirit wey dey inside us.
15 Yu know sey evribody for Asia, Figelus and Hermogenes aria, don run leave mi.
16 Make God show en mesi to Onesiforus family, bikos e dey always make mi happy and e nor dey shame sey I dey prison. 17 Wen e kom Rome, e find mi for evriwhere until e si mi. 18 For di day wen Christ go kom, make e show am en mesi! And yu know how e help mi wen I dey Efesus.