Dem rite dis book wey dem dey kol Daniel for two main way: one na like kourt story and di oda one na like wahala. Di first set tok about six story of how God take protet and promote four yong men wey dem katch karry go Babilon from Israel. God diliver Daniel and en friends Shadrak, Meshach and Abednego from all di wiked and bad plans, bikos dem show how dem dey faithful to God wey dey mighty. God give Daniel di pawa to take tok wetin dreams mean and dis kon make am get betta pozishon for di royal kourt for Babilon and leta for Persia kingdom.
Di sekond part for di book tok about di vishons and message wey Daniel receive from God thru en angels. Na sekret language God take tell am dis vishons and na simbol of wahala E take dey espress dem. For ezample, wi si wetin dem rite about Near Eastern history: Babilon and Persia kingdom; about Alexanda di Great; and di fight-fight wey Ptolemais for Egypt and Seleucid for Syria, dey fight. Di vishon tok about one sturbon ruler wey dey kom, wey bi Seleucid ruler Antiochus IV Epifanes, wey skata Jerusalem temple for 167 BC. Na dis one kause Mackabean fight wey free di nashon kon make pipol dey woship Israel God again. Wen pesin undastand di vishons for dis book, e go help am no how e go bi wen dis present age don finish and e show sey na di time wen God pipol and dia enemies go get sirious wahala. Di only tin wey nor go let God pipol faint, vex or taya, na bikos dem know sey for di end, dem go get dia kingdom back.
Daniel For Babilon
For di third year wey King Jehoiakim dey rule for Judah, King Nebukadnezzar for Babilon kon attack Jerusalem. God allow King Nebukadnezzar katch King Jehoiakim and e karry some of di tins wey dey God temple too. E karry Judah pipol as prisonas go Babilon and di tins wey e karry from Jerusalem, e put dem for en own juju temple.
Den di king kommand Ashpenaz wey dey guide di kourt sey make e choose some Israel men wey kom from royal house and from betta family: yong men wey nor get any diziz for body; wey fine; wey dem don train and wey go fit learn kwik-kwik, so dat dem go dey serve and work for di king palis. E still sey make Ashpenaz tish dem di language and evritin for Babilon. Di king still orda sey make dem give dem di same food and wine wey en and di oda pipol dey chop and drink evriday. E sey dem go train dem for three years and afta di three years, dem go kom serve di king. Di pipol wey dem choose from Judah na: Daniel, Hananaya, Mishael and Azaraya. But di pesin wey bi guide di kourt kom shange dia names. E give Daniel, Belteshazzar; Hananaya kon bi Shadrak; Mishael kon bi Meshak and Azaraya kon bi Abednego.
But Daniel kon decide sey e nor go chop di sweet food and wine wey dem dey serve for di king palis, bikos e nor won dey unklean. So e beg di pesin wey dey lead dem sey, en nor won chop di royal food or drink di wine. So God kon make Ashpenaz mind soft and e gri with wetin Daniel tell am. 10 So e tell Daniel, “I dey fear my masta di king. Na-im tok di kind food wey una go chop and wine wey una go drink; wot of if e sey yu dey tin and di oda yong men dey fat! Wetin I go tell am? 11 Den Daniel go meet di pesin wey Ashpenaz sey make e dey guide en, Hananaya, Mishael and Azaraya kon tell am: 12 Abeg make yu test yor savants for ten days. Just give us vegitabol make wi chop and wota make wi dey drink. 13 Afta di ten days, make yu kompare us with di odas wey dey chop and drink di king food and wota; den yu go judge us with wetin yu si.” 14 Di pesin wey dey guide dem so kon gri with wetin e tok and e test dem for ten days.
15 Wen ten days don finish, dia body betta and dem get flesh pass di yong men wey dey chop and drink di royal food and wine. 16 So di pesin wey dey guide dem kon remove di royal food and wine wey di king sey make dem chop, den dem kontinue to chop dia vegitabol and drink wota. 17 God kon give dis four men good sense; difren gift and wisdom. God give Daniel di gift to take tell pipol wetin vishon and dreams, mean.
18 Afta three years, Ashpenaz kon take all di yong men go meet King Nebukadnezzar. 19 Den di king follow dem tok. E nor si anybody wey bi like Daniel, Hananaya, Mishael and Azaraya. So dem kon bi memba for di king kourt. 20 Any matter wey koncern wisdom and knowledge wey di king ask dem, e dey si sey dia ansa betta well-well pass di ansa wey all di wise men, majik pipol and di pipol wey dey tok wetin go happen for future, dey give. 21 Daniel stay for di royal house until di first year wen King Cyrus start to rule.