For di year 597 BC, priest Ezekiel dey among Judah pipol wey King Nebukadnezzar katch and karry go Babilon. For five years wen Ezekiel don dey Babilon, God kol am sey make e go give en word to Israel pipol (both doz wey dey Babilon and doz wey dey Judea). Ezekiel dey always diliver en message as sweet songs or thru song for di pipol. E still use important story, vishon and signs take tok to dem.
Dem divide di message for dis book into three parts: one na judgement against di wikedness wey Israel pipol dey do, di sekond one dey against oda nashons and di third one na di promise of how God go take restore Israel again. Dem mark dis part with sign for di profet wen e nor fit tok and wen e start to tok again. One main vishon for di biginnin tok about how God take remove en present from Jerusalem temple, bikos of di pipol wiked ways. Di message against di nashon kon make am klear sey even doh dem distroy God temple for Jerusalem, nobody fit tok sey no bi God dey rule di world. For di end, doz wey dey treaten en pipol, E go distroy dem. Di book end with di promise sey God go renew en pipol heart and evribody for di world go get new life. Ezekiel vishon fit di drama wey dey hapun for di Bible: dis world wey dey break for groun, God go heal and build am again wen E don kom back kon stay with en pipol for di land wey go bi like di gardin for Eden.
Ezekiel First Vishon
Thirty years afta dem karry us go Babilon as slave, wen I dey stay with my pipol near Chebar River, for di fift day for di fourt mont, heaven open and I kon si one vishon. (Dis tin happen for di fift day for di mont wey bi di fift year wey King Jehoiashin bi prisona for Babilon. Na God give dis message to mi Ezekiel Buzi pikin, wey bi priest, near Chebar River for Babilon and I feel en hand for my body.)
As I dey look, I si strong breeze dey blow kom from nort and tick kloud with tonda lite dey round am. Fire still dey der too and I si one tin dey shine inside di fire. I still si four creatures wey dey alive inside di fire and dem bi like human being. But each of dem get four face and four feadas. Dia legs strait well-well, but dia toe bi like melu own and e dey shine like bronze wey dem polish. Under dia feadas for di four side, dem get human being hand. All of dem get four face and four feadas and dia feadas dey tosh each oda. Each one dey waka go strait and dem nor dey turn as dem dey waka.
10 Dis na how dia face bi like: Human being face for front, lion face for di rite side, melu face for di left side and eagle face for back. 11 Each of dem get two-two feadas wey dey tosh di oda creature feadas and di oda two feadas dey kover dia body. 12 Each of di creature face di four direcshon, so wen dia spirit won waka go anywhere, dem dey waka without sey dem turn. 13 Among di creatures, e get sometin wey bi like tosh or tick fire and e just dey move. Di fire dey move from front go back, e dey shine well-well and dey bring out tonda lite. 14 Di creatures dey waka go front and back kwik-kwik like tonda lite.
15 As I dey look di creatures, I kon si four wheel for di eart and one dey near each of dem. 16 All di four wheel bi like jasper and each one dey shine like gold and dem build dem like sey one wheel dey inside anoda one. 17 Wen dem dey move, dem fit go any of di four direcshon wey dem face and dem nor dey turn as dem dey move. 18 Eyes full di rims wey dey di four wheel and dem high well-well kon make pipol dey fear.
19 Wen di creatures dey move, di wheels dey move too. Wen di creatures raiz-up komot groun, di wheel go-go up too. 20 Anywhere di spirit won go, dem go-go too and di wheel go follow dem, bikos di creatures spirit dey inside di wheel. 21 Wen di creatures move, di wheels go move too and wen dem stop to waka, di wheels go stop. Wen dem raiz komot groun, di wheels go raiz too, bikos dia spirit dey inside di wheels.
22 Sometin wey flat wey dem make with crystal glass, dey on-top di creatures head. 23 Under di flat crystal glass, dia feadas stresh kom out kon face each oda. Two feadas kover outside, while two dey kover dia body. 24 Wen dem dey waka, I dey hear dia feadas sound. Di sound bi like God vois or wota wey dey rush pass with pawa or like sojas wey gada dey go war. Wen dem stop to waka, dem kon bring dia feadas down.
25 Den, one vois kon tok from di flat crystal wey dey on-top dem. 26 On-top di flat crystal wey dey dia head, e get one tin wey bi like throne wey dem make with safaya. On-top di throne, wetin dey der, bi like human being. 27 I si sometin wey bi like fire wey dey burn from en waist go up. And from en waist kom down, I still si sometin wey bi like fire wey dey burn and di lite wey dey round am, dey shine well-well. 28 Di lite wey dey shine round am bi like rainbow afta rain don fall. Dis na di lite wey dey show how God glory bi. Wen I si am, I fall face groun and I kon hear somebody dey tok.