King Cyrus Kommand
For di first year wey King Cyrus for Persia dey rule, God make wetin E tok thru Profet Jeremaya happen. E make King Cyrus rite, send and read dis kommand for evriwhere for en kingdom, so dat evribody go hear: Dis na wetin King Cyrus for Persia tok,
Di Oga God for heaven don make mi rule di whole world and E sey make I build temple for am for Jerusalem wey dey Judah. Make God dey with all of una wey bi en pipol as una dey go Jerusalem go ribuild di Oga wey bi Israel God house and na-im una go woship for Jerusalem. Anywhere wey Israel pipol still remain, make dia neighbours help dem. Make dem give dem silva, gold, animals and ofrin wey dem go offa for God Temple for Jerusalem.
Israel Pipol Go Jerusalem
Di head for each family for Judah and Benjamin tribe, di priests, Levi pipol and evribody wey God tosh dia heart kon go back to Jerusalem go build God Temple. All dia neighbours give dem tins like gold, silva pot, food, animals, oda betta tins and ofrin wey dem go use take ribuild God Temple. King Cyrus bring di basins and cups wey King Nebukadnezzar take from God Temple for Jerusalem kon put dem for en own gods temple. E give dem to Mitredat, di oga wey dey hold di palis money and e kount evritin give Sheshbazzar wey bi di govnor for Judah.
Di tins wey e kount na: 30 gold basin and 1,000 silva basin for ofrin and 29 oda basin. 10 Di oda tins na 30 small gold basin, 410 small silva basin and di oda tins to take kook, na 1,000. 11 Evritin kon bi 5,400 gold, silva and oda tins and Sheshbazzar karry dem follow body as en and di pipol dey komot from Babilon go Jerusalem.