For late 7th BC century, wen Babilon sojas don almost take pawa from Assyria sojas hand, Profet Habakkuk kon tok with God well-well. Dis book na komplain or kry to God until E go ansa di kweshon wey dey di profet heart. Wen God ansa Habakkuk kry, e finish am with one song about di konfidence wey e get about di viktory wey God don already give dem.
Di profet first of all ask how long God go allow wiked pipol to dey prosper? But di reply bi sey na God raiz Babilon pipol to korrect en pipol. Dis kon make Habakkuk ask anoda kweshon sey: Wetin make Yu allow wiked pipol dey kill and distroy doz wey betta and raitious pass dem? God ansa again kon sey, E go judge Babilon pipol just as E judge Assyria, so make raitious pipol get patient and faith until di tins go happen. God show sey nor-tin go fit stop di wahala wey go kom jam Babilon pipol.
Wen Habakkuk don tok to God finish, di book kon follow wetin dem dey kol Habakkuk Prayer. But di way dem rite di prayer show sey song e use take pray. Habakkuk celebrate how God save Israel pipol before and pray make God do am again. Di profet kon konklude sey e betta make e wait for di time wen God go kom, bikos na dat bi di best time.
Dis na di message wey God give Profet Habakkuk:
Habakkuk Komplain To God
Oga God, e don tey wen I dey kry make Yu kom help mi,
but Yu nor gri ansa!
I kry sey, “Trobol dey evriwhere!”
But Yu nor still gri kom save mi.
Why Yu allow mi dey face dis kind trobol?
Must I si all dis wahala wey dey happen to mi?
Anywhere wey I look, na only wahala and distroshon I dey si.
Na pipol wey love to kworel and fight, dey round mi.
Bikos of dis, di law dey weak and yuzles and doz wey dey judge,
nor dey judge well at-all.
Wiked men dey opress good pipol;
dem don turn betta judgement up-side-down.
God Ansa
God ansa,
“Make yu look di nashons well and wetin yu go si,
go sopraiz yu!
I go do sometin naw wey yu still dey alive
and even wen pesin tell yu,
yu nor go bilive.
I won give Babilon pipol pawa;
doz wiked pipol wey nor dey sorry for odas.
Dem go mash round di world
kon seize all di oda nashons.
Pipol dey fear dem well-well
and dem dey do wetin dem like.
Dia horse fast pass leopard
and e wiked pass wolf for desert.
Dia men dey ride di horse kom;
dem bi like eagle wey
dey rush go kill en enemy.
All of dem dey kom with wahala;
dey rush dey kom like breeze for desert
and dem go gada di pipol wey dem katch
like sey dem dey gada san.
10 Dem dey ponish kings
and use dia leaders make yeye.
Dem dey laf all dia strong-strong towns.
Dem dey kover towns with san-san kon seize dem.
11 Dem dey pass like breeze wey dey blow.
But dem really dey guilty,
bikos dem bilive sey, na dia pawa as dia god.”
Habakkuk Komplain Again
12 My Oga God, di Pesin wey dey holy,
Yu wey dey since and go always dey.
Oga God wey bi awa Rock,
Yu nor dey plan to kill us finish,
Yu only send Babilon pipol to kom korrect and ponish us
bikos of awa sin.
13 Yor eyes too dey holy to si bad tins
and Yu nor dey like si pipol wey dey do wiked tins.
So wetin make Yu dey sorry for dem?
Wetin make Yu kwayet wen wiked pipol
dey distroy pipol wey good pass dem?
14 Yu dey trit pipol like fish for sea
or like animal for wota
wey nor get who dey kontrol dem.
15 Babilon pipol dey hook and katch pipol like fish
kon karry dem go for net
as dem dey happy
bikos of wetin dem katch.
16 Dem even dey woship
and offa sakrifice give dia net
kon dey sey,
“Na dis net bi di god
wey make us get money well-well!”
17 Yu go allow dem ponish pipol forever?
Dem go dey distroy nashons forever?