Profet Isaya tok to di whole Judah kingdom for forty years. E start from di year wen King Uzzaya die (around 740 BC), go rish wen Assyria sojas surround Jerusalem for 701 BC. Jos like all oda di profets, Isaya message na about di good kovenant wey God make with en pipol, Israel. E use songs and oda ways to diliver di message for publik. Unlike some oda profets, Isaya dey fit go meet di king wey dey rule, for en time wey e like. Dat time, e dey fit advise King Ahaz and King Hezekaya on how e feel sey God won make tins bi even wen Assyria pipol dey treaten di full Israel kingdom. Thru-out Profet Isaya book, e just dey sey Israel pipol life na to konect with doz wey dey di oda side for di world.
Isaya tell di pipol make dem always dey kare about poor pipol and doz wey nor get, make dem always dey follow and do wetin God tok and make dem dey judge well for evritin. Di kind profet wey e bi, dey always tok about di judgement wey dey kom, bikos Israel pipol fail God, but e still tok about di promise sey God go restore Israel pipol and evry oda pesin for di whole world. God dey show en korreshon thru di new tins wey E dey do. Profet Isaya message still tok about di savant wey dey kom sakrifice en life so dat wi go dey well. Di “savant song” still bi like wen God pipol dey kom back from Babilon wer dem for bi slave and as God return to en pipol, so all of dem kon turn from sin kon meet God. Doz wey rite di New Testament dey still tok about Profet Isaya wey sey Israel pipol must bring blessing kom di world and how dis tin go take hapun.
Na for di time wey Uzzaya, Jotam, Ahaz and Hezekaya bi king for Judah, naim God take show dis message to Isaya, Amos pikin, about Judah and Jerusalem pipol.
Obey And Sakrifice
Heaven and eart, make una listin to wetin God tok:
“Di shidren wey I train by mysef don turn against mi.
Melu know en owner, donkey sef know who dey gi-am food,
but Israel wey bi my pipol nor know or undastand mi at-all.”
Una own don finish like who don die,
bikos una pipol dey kommit sin.
Una don spoil finish
and dey do evil tins!
Una sins dey bring una down, bikos una don rijet di Holy Pesin,
wey bi Israel God kon turn against am.
Israel pipol, wetin make una still wont
make dem beat una?
Una wont make dem ponish
una pass dis ones?
Sore don already full una head
and una body don rotin finish.
From una head go rish una leg,
na sore full am.
Una body don skata,
bikos sore full evriwhere and dem nor bandage,
klean or trit dem at-all.
Una land don skata and fire don burn una towns finish.
For una front, strenjas dey distroy una plants
kon skata evritin wey dem si.
Na only Jerusalem remain and e bi like one small house
wey dem build for farm or for cucumber field.
If to sey Oga God wey get pawa nor let some of di pipol survive,
dem for don distroy Jerusalem finish,
like Sodom and Gomorrah.
10 So Sodom leaders, make una listin to wetin God dey tell una.
Gomorrah pipol, make una put ear for wetin God dey tish una.
11 E sey, “Una sakrifice nor mean anytin to mi.
I don taya for una animal ofrin;
I nor like una goats, bull or melu blood.
12 Who sey make una dey bring dis animals
wen una dey kom woship mi?
Who sey make una dey mash round my temple?
13 Make una stop to bring una yuzles ofrins
bikos di smell of di incense wey una dey burn,
dey make mi vex.
I nor wont una new moon festival;
una Sabat and where una for dey gada woship mi,
bikos sin don spoil all of dem.
14 I hate una new moon festival and di oda feast
wey una dey celebrate, don taya mi.
I nor fit bear dem again.
15 Wen una raiz una hand dey pray,
I nor go look una.
Even if una pray many prayers, I nor go listin,
bikos blood don stain una hand.
16 Make una go wosh unasef klean
and stop all di evil tins wey una dey do.
17 Make una learn to do good;
make una make sure sey una dey judge well;
make una help doz wey dem dey opress.
Pipol wey nor get papa and mama,
make una give dem wetin dem wont
and make una help wimen wey dia husband don die.”
18 Afta una don do like dat, den God go sey,
“Make una kom make wi setol di matter naw.
Even doh una don stain unasef with blood bikos of una sin,
I go wosh una white like snow.
Even doh una stain red well-well,
una go kon dey white like wool.
19 If una obey mi,
una go chop di good food wey di land dey produce.
20 But if una sin against mi, una go die.
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.”
Di Town Wey Dey Sin
21 Di town wey dey faithful before,
don dey do like ashawo!
Na only holy men dey inside before, but naw,
na doz wey dey kill pipol, remain.
22 Jerusalem pipol, before-before, una bi like silva,
but naw, una don dey yuzles.
Una bi like good wine before,
but naw, una bi like ordinary wota.
23 Una leaders don rijet mi and na tif bi dia friends;
dem dey always kollect bribe from pipol.
If pipol wey nor get papa and mama
and doz wey dia husband don die bring dia kase kom meet una,
una nor dey defend or listin to dem.
24 Naw, make una listin to wetin Israel God wey get pawa, dey tok,
“I go fight against my enemies
kon pay dem back for wetin dem do.
25 I go take akshon against una.
I go make una dey pure like iron wey dem burn,
den una go dey klean.
26 I go give una betta rulers with doz wey go advise una well
just like di ones wey una get before.
Den pipol go koll Jerusalem holy and faithful town.”
27 Bikos God dey holy, E go save Jerusalem
and anybody wey turn from sin kom meet am.
28 But E go kill anybody wey dey sin and fight against am.
E go kill anybody wey nor respet am.
29 Una go shame for unasef,
bikos una woship trees kon build some juju gardin.
30 Una go fade like oak tree wey dey die;
like gardin wey nobody pour wota put.
31 Just as dem dey distroy grass with fire,
na so dem go distroy men wey get pawa
bikos of di evil wey dem do
and nobody go fit stop di distroshon.