Jude na James broda (1:1). Since James na Jesus broda, e bi sey Jude, wey rite dis leta, na Jesus broda too. E bi one of di leaders for di church for Jerusalem. Jude tok against false tishas wey dey kondemn di faith wey God holy pipol get. Bikos of some kind dreams wey di tishas sey dem si, dem kon dey rijet authority and bihave enihow. E warn di bilivers make dem nor allow dis false tishas deceive dem, so dem must rijet both dia tishings and di way dem dey live.
I Salot
Dis leta na from Jude, Jesus Christ savant and James broda. To di pipol wey God don koll, wey Papa God love don wrap like klot for Jesus Christ body. Make mesi, peace and love dey with una!
Fake Tishas
My friends, even doh e don dey hongry mi since to rite give una about di salvashon wey wi dey share togeda, naw e strong well-well for my mind to rite, so dat una mind go dey strong. So una go fit stand fight for wetin wi bilive; di tins wey God don give en pipol and nor-tin go fit shange am. Some pipol don hide join una and God don mark dem for distroshon. So I won tell una about dis tins sey, dis pipol nor dey fear God. Dem don dey use God grace as eskuse to dey do bad-bad tins. Dis pipol nor gri asept Christ as dia Masta and Oga God.
So I won remind una even doh una don already know dis tins. Afta God don first save Israel pipol from Egypt, e kon distroy doz wey nor bilive am. And I still dey remind una about di angels wey nor stay for where God put dem, but kon komot for where dem suppose dey. God don shain dem tie for darkness until wen E go judge di world. Make una use Sodom and Gomorrah and di towns wey dey near dem, as ezample. God ponish dem with fire wey nor dey end, bikos both men and wimen dey sleep with each oda anyhow, dem even dey sleep with animals and dem dey do oda wiked tins wey dey dia mind.
Like dis too, dis men wey sey dem dey dream; dey live bad life; dem nor dey obey God authority and dem even dey curse angels wey get glory. But wen Mikael, di big angel dey kworel with devil bikos of Moses body, e nor curse am, but instead, e sey, “Na God go judge yu!” 10 But dis pipol nor undastand wetin dem dey tok and dis na wetin dem suppose to undastand without sey pesin tish dem. As animals nor dey tink before dem do tins, na so dis pipol dey bihave. 11 Curse dey dia head! Bikos dem dey bihave like Kain and bikos of long-trot, dem dey do di mistake wey Balaam do. So dem go must die like Korah, wey disobey God. 12 Wen dis pipol dey follow una chop di fellowship food wey God don bless, dem bi like shuku-shuku for una body. Dem bi like shepad wey nor dey shame, bikos e kare for only ensef. Dem bi like kloud wey just dey blow, but rain nor dey fall. Dem bi like tree wey nor get fruits and God don rut dem komot from groun. 13 Dem bi like wave for sea wey dey foam kom out. Dem bi like star wey nor dey stay one place and God don keep di place wey deep pass for darkness, dey wait dem.
14 Enoch wey bi di nomba seven pesin afta Adam, profesai about dis pipol. E sey, “Listin! God dey kom with en holy pipol wey nobody fit kount and 15 e dey kom judge evribody, so dat pipol go know di bad tins wey dem dey do and di wiked words wey sinnas don tok against God.” 16 Dis pipol dey komplain waka and dey find fault. Dem dey go anywhere wey dia body karry dem go and dem dey boast. Dem dey tok wetin pipol like to hear, so dat odas go praiz dem.
17 But my friends wey I love, make una remember wetin awa Oga God Jesus apostles tell una. 18 Dem sey, “For di time wen dis world won end, some pipol go dey laf una and di tins wey God hate wey dey hongry dem to do, naim go dey push dem.” 19 Dis kind pipol dey divide God pipol; dem like dis world tins and dem nor get God Spirit. 20 My friends, make una dey build unasef up with faith wey holy well-well and dey pray with di Holy Spirit. 21 Make una keep unasef inside God love as una dey wait for awa Oga God Jesus Christ, wey go bring life wey nor go end. 22 And make wi help doz wey dia faith dey shake. 23 Make una help odas make dem nor enter hell-fire, so dat una go fit save dem and as una dey help odas, make una dey fear God kon hate di tins wey go make una sin.
Last Blessing
24 Naw, make all glory bi God own, bikos E nor let una fall and E go bring una kom en present with betta joy wey nor get fault. 25 Make all glory, majesty, pawa and authority, bi God own, naw and forever thru Christ wey bi awa Oga God. Amen!