Jesus Heal For Sabat Day Again
For one Sabat Day, wen Jesus go chop for one Farisee oga house, di pipol kon dey look am, bikos one man wey en hand and leg swell-up, stand for en front. Jesus kon ask di pipol wey sabi di law well-well and di Farisee pipol sey, “E dey rite to heal for Sabat Day?” Dem nor tok anytin. Naim Jesus hold di man, heal am kon sey make e dey go.
Den Jesus tell dem, “If any of una get pikin or melu wey fall inside well for Sabat Day, una nor go kwik-kwik draw am kom out?” But dem nor fit ansa.
Pipol Wey Dey Fine Betta Chair For Church
Wen Jesus si how di pipol wey dem invite dey rush to sidan for betta chair, e kon tell dem one parabol: “Wen dem invite yu go party, nor rush go sidan for betta chair, bikos di pesin wey dey do di party fit don invite pesin wey big pass yu. Den di pesin wey invite two of una go tell yu, ‘Get up make dis man sidan.’ Den with shame, yu go-go sidan for back. 10 But wen dem invite yu, make yu sidan for back chair, so dat wen di pesin wey dey do di party si yu, e go sey, ‘My friend, kom sidan for dis betta place for front.’ Den all di pipol wey dey follow yu chop, go give yu respet. 11 Anybody wey dey karry body up, dem go bring am down and anybody wey put en body for groun, dem go karry am up.”
12 Jesus still tell di man wey invite am, “Wen yu dey do party, nor invite yor friends, brodas, rilashons and neighbours wey get money, so dat wen dem dey do dia own party, dem go invite yu too. 13 Instead wen yu dey do big party, make yu invite poor pipol, pipol wey dia leg or hand kut komot, pipol wey nor fit waka and pipol wey nor dey si. 14 Den, God go bless yu, bikos dem nor go fit pay yu back, but na God go pay yu wen E go raiz en pipol from deat; di pipol wey do wetin E like.”
Di Big Party
15 Wen one of di pipol for di party hear wetin Jesus tok, e kon tell Jesus, “God don bless evribody wey go chop for di party for en kingdom!”
16 But Jesus tell am, “One man do big party kon invite many pipol kom. 17 Wen di party time rish, e kon tell en savant make dem go tell evribody wey e invite sey, ‘Make una kom, bikos evritin don ready.’
18 “But all of dem kon dey komplain one-by-one. Di first one sey, ‘I just buy land and I won go si am. Abeg, make yu nor vex.’
19 “Anoda one sey, ‘I just buy ten melu and I dey go look how dem bi. Abeg, make yu nor vex.’
20 “Di last one kon sey, ‘I nor go fit kom, bikos I just marry new wife.’
21 “So di savant kom back kon tell en oga evritin wey dem tok. Di oga vex well-well kon tell di savant, ‘Make yu go all di street and korna-korna wey dey dis town, go bring poor pipol: pipol wey dia leg or hand kut komot and pipol wey nor fit waka kon di party.’
22 “Afta, di savant sey, ‘Oga God, I don do wetin yu tok and di party neva still full.’
23 “So di oga tell di savant, ‘Make yu go main road and enter evriwhere for di aria, tell pipol make dem kom, so dat my house go full.’ 24 Bikos I tell yu, nobody among doz pipol wey I first invite, go taste my food!”
Disciple Go Sofa
25 Plenty pipol dey waka follow Jesus for road, so e turn look dem kon sey: 26 “If anybody kom meet mi and e nor love mi pass en papa, mama, wife, pikin, brodas and sistas, even en ownsef, e nor go fit bi my disciple. 27 Anybody wey nor gri karry en cross follow mi, nor fit bi my disciple.
28 “Wish of una wey won build big house, nor go first kakulate weda di money wey e get go rish to finish am? 29 If e nor do so, wen e don lay di foundashon and e nor fit finish di house, evribody wey si wetin happen, go kon dey laf am. 30 Dem go sey, ‘Dis man start to build house and e nor fit finish am!’
31 “Abi wish king wey won go fight anoda king, nor go first sidan tink weda di 10,000 men wey e get go fit fight di 20,000 wey di oda king get? 32 If e si sey e nor go fit win, e go send messenja wen di oda king still dey far, go ask am how dem go take setol. 33 Like dis too, nobody fit bi my disciple if e nor komot en mind from evritin wey e get.
34 “Salt good, but if e nor get taste, how dem go fit make am sweet again? 35 Pipol nor go fit use am do anytin, na trowey dem go trowey am. Anybody wey get ear, make e hear wetin I dey tok!”