Widow Ofrin
For inside di temple, Jesus kon si rish pipol dey put dia money for ofrin box. E still si one poor woman wey en husband don die dey put two koins inside di box. Jesus kon sey, “I tell una true word, di money wey dis poor widow put so, big pass all di oda pipol own; bikos di rish pipol give dia ofrin from di plenty money wey dem get, but as dis woman poor rish, e put evritin wey e get.”
Sign Sey World Wont End
As some pipol dey tok about how di temple fine rish, bikos of di stones wey dem take build am and di ofrin wey pipol dey give, Jesus kon sey, “Di day dey kom wen all di stones wey una dey si so, go skata and one nor go dey on-top anoda again.”
So, dem kon ask am, “Tisha, wen dis tins go happen? And wetin go bi di sign sey di time for dis tins to happen don rish?”
Jesus ansa, “Make una shine una eye, so dat nobody go deceive una. Bikos many pipol go kom prish with my name sey, ‘Na mi bi Jesus’ or ‘Di time don near.’ Make una nor follow dem! And wen una hear rumor about war and wahala, make una nor fear. Bikos all dis tins go first happen, but dat nor mean sey di end don rish.”
Di Disciples Go Sofa
10 Den Jesus tell dem, “Kountry go fight kountry, kingdom go fight kingdom. 11 Strong eartkweke, honga and sickness go dey evriwhere; difren-difren tins and bad signs go dey happen and fear go katch evribody.
12 “But before dem go happen, dem go arrest and ponish una for wetin una nor do, den go karry una go judge for inside sinagog, den dem go trow una inside prison. Dem go karry una go meet kings and govnors, bikos of my name. 13 Dis na di time for una to spread di Good News. 14 So make una ready una mind before di time rish. Make una nor tink how una go take defend unasef, 15 bikos I go give una di word wey una go tok and wisdom wey una enemy nor go fit oppoz. 16 Una papa, mama, brodas, rilashons and friends go sey dem nor know una and dem go even kill some of una. 17 Evribody go hate una bikos of my name. 18 But God eye go always dey wosh una. 19 So, if una stand rish di end, God go save una.”
Jerusalem Go Skata
20 “But wen una si sey sojas don surround Jerusalem, make una know sey di time wey dem go distroy Jerusalem, don near. 21 So, make di pipol wey dey Judea run go mountin and doz wey dey inside town must komot der. Make doz wey dey outside, nor enter di town again, 22 bikos na dat time God go judge di world, since evritin wey dem rite for God word, must happen. 23 Dat time, e go bad well-well for wimen wey get belle or get small pikin for hand! Strong wahala go kom for dis land and God ponishment go fall for pipol head. 24 Dem go use swod kill some, karry some as prisona go anoda kountry and di Gentile pipol go distroy Jerusalem, until di time wey God sey Israel must sofa, go end.
Man Pikin Dey Kom
25 “Difren-difren signs go show for sun, moon and star. For inside dis world, pipol for difren kountries go dey worry and fear, bikos of di way rivers go dey move and wota go dey rush from sea enter land. 26 Pipol go dey faint and fear go dey katch some, bikos of wetin dey happen for di world and difren pawas inside di sky, go shake komot for where dem dey. 27 Den, dem go si Man Pikin dey kom inside kloud with pawa and glory. 28 So, wen dis tins dey happen, make una stand and dey ready, bikos una salvashon don near.”
Di Fig Tree
29 Den, Jesus kon tell dem dis parabol: “Make una tink about di fig tree and all di oda trees. 30 Wen dia leaf start to fall komot, make una know sey dry sizin don near. 31 Na so una go still know too, wen una si all dis tins dey happen, una go know sey God Kingdom don near.
32 “I tell una true word, di pipol for dis world naw nor go die finish before all dis tins go happen. 33 Heaven and eart go vanish komot, but my word go dey forever.
Make Una Dey Ready
34 “So, make una shine una eye! Nor let party and wahala for dis life full una mind, if not, dat Day go kom wen una nor espect, 35 bikos dat Day go sopraiz evribody wey dey for dis world. 36 But make una dey shine una eye evritime, dey pray make God give una pawa take pass all dis test wey go happen, so dat una go fit stand for Man Pikin front.”
37 So, Jesus kon dey tish for di temple evriday, but wen nite rish, e go-go Mount Olives. 38 And for early morning, all di pipol dey go listin to am inside di temple.