For late 8th century BC, wen Jotam, Ahaz and Hezekaya dey rule, na dat time Profet Mikah take tok to Judah kingdom wey dey sout. E tell dem sey bikos of di sin, wiked tins and juju wey Samaria and Jerusalem, wey bi di main towns for Israel and Judah, enemies go kom distroy and skata di towns rish groun. Di pipol don abandon God kovenant wey E make with dem and dem kon dey woship Kanaan pipol juju. Doz wey get money and pawa dey opress poor pipol. Dem nor gri obey Moses law again, so Mikah warn dem sey God go ponish dem, bikos of dia sins and send enemies to kom distroy dia kingdom and karry dia pipol as kaptives. Just as di profet tok, na so e happen, Assyria sojas take-ova Samaria for 722 BC and Babilon sojas distroy Jerusalem for 587/6 BC.
Mikah message also tok about di distroshon and how God go save and give dem back all wetin dem lost. All di three vishons and messages start with judgement. Mikah tell dem sey, bikos Oga God dey faithful and dey pity pipol, E bring di pipol wey remain back to dia own land. Dat time, na one king wey dey raitious go rule dem and dem go bi lite for di whole world and show all di nashons how dem go fit kom meet Oga God. God go help Israel pipol find dia place for di world.
Dis na di message wey God give Mikah wey kom for Moreshet town about Samaria and Jerusalem, for di time wen King Jotam, Ahaz and Hezekaya dey rule Judah.
Samaria And Jerusalem Go Cry
Make pipol for evriwhere listin!
Make evribody wey dey for dis world,
listin to wetin I dey tok.
God wey get pawa dey tok against una
and E dey kom judge una from en holy temple.
Si! God dey kom from en holy temple for heaven
and E go skata all di juju altars for dis world.
Den di mountins go melt under en leg like kandol
wey melt for fire
kon rush enter di valley like wota
wey dey rush kom from hill.
All dis tins go happen bikos of Israel pipol
sturbones and sin.
Una ask sey, “Na how wi take sturbon?
Na who dem go blame for Israel pipol sturbones?”
Nor bi Samaria wey bi di main town!
“Where di place wey dem for dey serve juju?”
Na Jerusalem dem dey!
“So mi wey bi God go turn Samaria
to where pipol go dey trowey dirty put
and dem go dey plant vine for der too.
I go skata en stones for di valley
kon espose en foundashon.
I go skata all di image
kon burn all dia juju propaty,
bikos dem buy dem with ashawo money
kon use dem pay ashawo for anoda place.”
So, I go kry and mourn.
I go just dey waka without klot and shoe.
I go jump like jackal
kon dey bihave like owl,
bikos my pipol sore too deep
and e don even rish Judah too.
Yes! E don rish Jerusalem gate.
Enemies Dey Near Jerusalem
10 Make una nor tell Gat pipol;
make una nor let dem si una kry.
Make una sidan for groun for Bet-Leafra
kon pak san full una head.
11 Una, Shafir pipol, make una naked
make shame katch una
as dem dey karry una go as slave.
Doz wey dey Zaanan nor go try am
kom out from dia town.
Wen una hear Bet-Ezel pipol dey kry,
una go know sey dem nor even get who to help dem.
12 True-true Marot pipol dey wait
for who go save dem,
but God don bring wahala kom Jerusalem.
13 Lakish pipol, make una karry una horse
and propaty run.
Na una bi di first town for Judah
wey join Israel pipol sin
and una kon make Jerusalem pipol, sin too.
14 So, make una tell Moreshet-Gat town bye-bye.
Na Akzib pipol deceive Israel king.
15 Maresha pipol, God go give una to una enemies
wey go katch and skata una town.
Den Israel leaders go-go hide for Adullam town.
16 Judah pipol, make una mourn and shave una hair,
bikos dem go karry di shidren wey una love
go as slave.
Make una skrape una head like vulture own,
bikos dem go karry una small-small shidren
go work as slave for anoda land.