Dem Go Distroy Di Temple
As Jesus dey komot from di temple varanda, one of en disciple kon sey. “Tisha, si di fine-fine stone wey dem take build dis house!”
Jesus ansa, “Una dey si all dis big house? Dem nor go even leave one stone on-top anoda. All of dem go skata!”
Sign Sey World One End
As Jesus sidan for Mount Olives wey face di temple, Pita, James, John and Andru kom meet am wen odas nor dey and dem kon sey, “Make yu tell us wish time dis tins go happen and wetin go bi di sign to show sey di time for dis tins to happen, don rish?”
Jesus ansa dem, “Make una take kare, so dat nobody go deceive una. Many pipol go kom with my name sey, ‘Na mi bi Christ’ and dem go deceive many pipol. Wen una hear about war wey dey happen and rumor sey war won happen, make una nor fear. All dis tins must happen, but time neva rish wen di world go end. Difren kountries and kingdoms go fight each oda. Eartkweke and honga go dey for many place. But wen di wahala won start, e go bi like wen woman won born.
Di Disciples Go Sofa
“Make una shine una eye. Dem go take una go kourt and dem go beat una for sinagog. Bikos of mi, una go stand for govnors and kings front, so dat una go fit tell dem about mi. 10 Before di world go end, pipol must first prish di gospel for evry kountry for dis world. 11 Wen dem arrest una karry go kourt, make una nor worry about wetin una go tok. God go give una wetin to tok for dat time, bikos nor bi una go tok, but na di Holy Spirit go tok thru una.
12 “Broda go betray en broda make dem kill-am and papa go sell en pikin. Shidren go betray dia papa and mama and dem go kill dem. 13 Evribody go hate una bikos of my name. But di pesin wey go fit bear rish end, go dey save.”
Bad Tins Wey Go Happen
14 “Wen una si wetin nor suppose happen dey happen for di Holy Place (make di pesin wey dey read, know wetin dis word mean), den doz wey dey Judea, must run go mountin. 15 Make di pesin wey dey on-top house nor kom down or go inside en house go kollect anytin. 16 Make di pesin wey dey farm nor go back to en house go kollect klot. 17 For dat time, e go bad well-well for wimen wey get belle and doz with pikin wey still dey suck breast! 18 Make una pray sey dis tins nor go happen for di time wen kold dey well-well. 19 Bikos wen dis tins go dey happen, di kind sofa wey go dey, neva dey since wen God kreate dis world and dat kind sofa, nor go dey again. 20 If God nor kut doz days short, nobody go save. But bikos of di pipol wey God don choose, E don make doz days short. 21 Dat time, if anybody tell una, ‘Look! Make una si Jesus for here!’ or ‘Si am for der!’ make una nor bilive dem. 22 Bikos fake christs and profets go kom and dem go do signs and mirakles wey bi like majik to deceive pipol. If to sey e possibol, dem go deceive di pipol wey God don choose. 23 Make una take kare! I don tell una evritin before di time go rish.”
Wen Man Pikin Go Kom
24 “But for dat time, afta di sofa,
“di sun go dark
and di moon nor go shine again.
25 Di stars go fall from heaven
and di pawa wey dey whole di sky, go shake.
26 “Den evribody go si Man Pikin dey kom from inside kloud with strong pawa and glory. 27 Den, God go send en angels go gada di pipol wey E don choose from di for korna for di world go rish heaven.”
Di Fig Tree Parabol
28 “Make una learn wetin dis fig tree parabol mean: Wen en branches don dey soft and en leaf dey fall komot, make una know sey dry sizin don near. 29 So wen unasef si dis tins dey happen, make una know sey di time wey Man Pikin go kom, don near. 30 I tell una true word, di pipol for dis time nor go die finish before all dis tins go happen. 31 Heaven and eart go vanish, but my word go dey forever.”
Make Una Dey Ready!
32 “Di day or di time wen dis tins go happen, nobody know am, even angels for heaven nor know and God Pikin sef nor know too. Na only di Papa, for heaven know am. 33 Make una dey wosh and shine una eye, bikos una nor know wen di time go rish. 34 E go bi like wen man dey travel go far. E leave en house make en savant look am, give dem work do kon tell di gateman make e wosh en house.
35 “So make una shine una eye, bikos una nor know wen di house owner go kom back, weda na for evening, nite, morning or wen day don break. 36 If not, e go fit kom back wen una nor espect and e go meet una dey sleep. 37 Wetin I dey tell una so, I dey tell evribody. So make una shine una eye!”