Jesus Wake-up From Deat
Wen Sabat Day don pass, Mary Magdalin, Mary wey bi James and Salome mama kon buy some tins wey dey send well-well, make dem go rub am for Jesus body, make e nor for smell. For early morning on Sunday, as sun just dey kom out, dem kon go di place wey dem beri Jesus put. Dem kon dey ask each oda as dem dey go sey, “Who go help us roll di stone komot from di grave mout?”
But wen dem look, dem si sey, dem don already roll di stone komot. As dem enter, dem si one man wey wear white klot sidan for di rite side and fear kon katch dem.
But e tell dem, “Make una nor fear. Una dey find Jesus wey kom from Nazaret, wey dem kill. God don raiz am from deat! E nor dey here again. Make una look di place wey dem put am before. Make una go tell en disciples and Pita sey, Jesus don go Galilee go wait for dem. Una go si am for der, as e tell una before.”
Di wimen kom out kon run from di grave side, bikos dem sopraiz and fear dey katch dem. Dem nor fit tell anybody anytin, bikos dem still dey fear.
Di Ending
[For early morning on Sunday, afta Jesus don wake-up, e first appear to Mary Magdalin wey e drive seven demon komot for en body. 10 For where di pipol wey dey follow Jesus dey mourn and kry dey, Mary Magdalin kon go tell dem wetin happen. 11 Wen dem hear sey Jesus don wake-up from deat and Mary Magdalin don si-am, dem nor bilive.
12 Afta, Jesus still appear to two pipol as dem dey waka go town. 13 Dem go back go tell di rest pipol, but di pipol nor still bilive dem.
14 Den Jesus appear to di eleven disciples wen dem dey chop. E shaut give dem since dem nor bilive, bikos of dia strong heart.
15 Jesus kommand dem sey, “Make una enter evriwhere for di world go prish di gospel give evribody. 16 Anybody wey bilive and dem baptize am, God go save am, but anybody wey nor bilive, God go kondemn am. 17 Dis signs go follow pipol wey bilive: With my name, dem go drive demon komot from pipol body; dem go speak new language wey dem nor learn; 18 dem go fit whole snake and if dem drink poizin, e nor go do dem anytin; dem go put dia hand for pipol wey nor well body and di pipol go well.”
19 Afta Jesus don tok to dem finish, God kon karry am go heaven and e sidan for God rite side. 20 Den, di disciples go evriwhere for di aria dey prish di gospel and Jesus dey do many mirakles thru dem, so dat pipol go know sey, wetin dem dey prish, na true.]