For 612 BC, Assyria sojas nor too strong again and Babilon, Medes and Scytia sojas attack and almost distroy di main town, Nineveh. So, pipol for di nashons wey Assyria sojas opress before, nor sorry for Assyria pipol. Dem bilive sey di ponishment don suppose happen to Assyria pipol since, bikos dem don too ponish oda pipol. Profet Nahum tok about all dis tins wey Judah pipol dey tink among demsef. E sey tins dey happen like dis, to show sey na Oga God dey rule di world. Even doh God don bin use Assyria pipol as E wont, E go judge dem, bikos dem ova distroy di towns and don bigin dey proud. Nahum message diskribe how God dey bihave and how E get strong pawa. E also announce how God go judge Assyria pipol and konfort Judah pipol. Den e tell Nineveh pipol sey wahala dey kom for dem and no matter how Assyria pipol defend demsef rish, e nor go save dem but dem go skata. Oda nashons go distroy and karry evritin wey dey di town. Na dis bi God judgement for Assyria.
Dis na di message wey God give Nahum wey kom from Elkosh town and na about Nineveh pipol.
God Vex For Nineveh
Oga God dey jealous well-well;
E dey ponish doz wey dey oppoz am
and E dey fight against en enemies!
Oga God nor dey kwik vex,
but en pawa dey great.
E go must ponish wiked pipol.
E dey show en great pawa thru strong breeze and heavy rain.
Na di kloud bi di dust wey dey under en leg.
God kommand di river and e kon dry wons;
E make all di river dry rish groun.
E distroy Bashan and Karmel land
and all di trees for Lebanon, dry finish.
For God present, mountins dey shake
and hills dey melt trowey.
Wons God appear,
di eart go shake and
evribody for di world, go fear.
Na who fit stand wen God dey vex?
Who fit survive en vexnashon wey bi like hot fire?
En vexnashon dey burn like fire
and mountins dey skata to pieces for en present.
Oga God dey good,
E dey protet en pipol wen dem dey trobol
and E dey kare for doz wey trust am.
But E go use heavy rain take distroy en enemies finish
kon porshu dem enter darkness.
Wetin make una dey plan against God?
Na wons E go distroy una finish
and trobol nor go happen for di sekond time!
10 En enemies bi like dry shuku-shuku for bush.
Yes! Dem bi like pesin wey don drink well-well.
True-true, fire go burn dem like dry grass.
11 Na who bi dat wiked pesin for Nineveh
wey dey plan against God?
12 So Israel pipol, dis na wetin God tok:
“Even doh Assyria sojas get pawa
and dem many well-well,
I go distroy and skata dem finish for dis world.
My pipol! I know sey I don ponish una before,
but I nor go ponish una again.
13 Naw, I go skata and distroy Assyria pipol
and dem nor go worry my pipol again.”
14 For Nineveh, God tok about Assyria pipol sey:
“Una nor go get shidren
wey go bear una name again.
I go skata and distroy all di gods
wey dey una temple
and I dey prepare una grave,
bikos una dey make mi vex!”
15 Si! One messenja dey from di mountin
kom give una good news!
E dey bring peace message kom.
So my pipol for Judah, make una celebrate
kon do wetin una promise,
bikos una wiked enemies nor go ever enter una land again
and God go distroy dem finish.