Nehemaya Go Jerusalem
Den for Nisan mont for di twenteth year wen King Atazazes dey rule. As e dey chop, I go gi-am wine and bikos e neva si my face like dat before, e kon ask, “Why yor face bi like who dey sick even doh yu nor sick? Dis one mean sey yu nor dey happy!”
I kon bigin fear so I tell di king, “My king, make yu live forever! Wetin nor go make my face look like who dey sick wen e bi sey dem skata and burn di gates for di town where dem beri my grand-grand papa put.”
Den di king ask, “Na wetin yu wont naw?”
So I kwik-kwik pray to God wey dey heaven, den I ansa, “If my king dey happy with mi and go gri do wetin I wont, den make yu allow mi go Judah town, where dem beri my grand-grand papa dem put, so dat I go fit ribuild am.”
Di king and en wife wey sidan near am kon agri. Den e ask mi how many days I go stay, before I go kom back. So I kon tell am.
I still beg am make e give mi letas, make I give di govnors for West Eufrates aria, so dat dem go allow mi travel well pass dia aria until I rish Judah. I still ask di king make e give mi leta wey I go give Asaf wey dey guide di royal forest, so dat e go give mi big-big woods make I take build di guide gate for di temple, di town wall and di house wey I go stay. So di king give mi all wetin I wont, bikos God dey with mi. As I dey go West Eufrates, di king send some soja oga and horse-men follow mi. For der, I kon give di king letas to di govnors.
10 But wen Sanballat, wey kom from Bet-Horon town and Tobaya, one offisa for Ammon aria, hear sey somebody don kom help Israel pipol, dem kon dey vex well-well.
Nehemaya Rish Jerusalem
11 I kon go Jerusalem and for three days, 12 I nor tell anybody wetin God put for my mind make I kom do for Jerusalem. Den for mid-nite, I wake-up kon take some among my men follow body with only one donkey wey I ride.
13 Day neva break well wen I leave di town kon pass thru di Valley Gate for west go di sout-side, den I pass Dragon Well go di Dirty Gate. As I dey go, I dey look all di wall wey don break for di town and di gates wey fire distroy. 14 For di east side for di town, I pass nort go di Well Gate and di King Pool. Di donkey wey I dey ride nor si enough space to pass, 15 so I kom down go Kidron Valley as I still dey look di wall dem. Den I pass di Valley Gate, go back to di town. 16 Di ofisas nor know where I from dey kom or wetin I go do, bikos I nor tok anytin to my fellow Jew pipol, di priests, di leaders, di ofisas or any oda pesin wey go join do di work.
17 Den I leta tell dem, “Make una si di kind trobol wey wi dey face, bikos Jerusalem don skata and en gates don distroy! Make wi ribuild di town wall, so dat shame go komot from awa eye.” 18 I tell dem how God help and dey with mi. I still tell dem evritin wey di king tell mi.
Di pipol ansa, “Make wi start to ribuild di wall!” So dem kon ready to start di work.
19 Wen Sanballat, Tobaya and one Arab man wey en name bi Geshem, hear wetin wi dey plan to do, dem kon dey laf us sey, “Wetin una tink sey una dey do so? Una won fight against di king?”
20 I ansa dem, “God wey dey heaven go give us viktory. Wi bi en savants and wi go start to build. But una nor get rite, share or anytin to klaim for Jerusalem.”