Paul Leta To
Na Paul and en ko-workers start di church for Filippi. So Paul and di bilivers kon bi good friends and for many years, dem kon dey support Paul for di ministry. Wen dem hear sey dem arrest Paul and put am for prison for Rome, di pipol kon gada and kollect money to assist am. Dem send di gifts thru Epafroditus, one of dia membas. Leta, Paul send Epafroditus go back to tank dem for dia love and support.
Paul use di leta to enkourage di bilivers make dem show joy even wen dem dey face problems. E tell di Filippians sey make dem get di mind to endure problems as Jesus do (2:5-11) and Paul ensef do, so dat dem go esperience God joy.
I Salot
Dis leta na from Paul and Timoti, wey bi Jesus Christ savant. To all God pipol for Filippi, with dia bishops and leaders. Make God awa papa and Oga God Jesus Christ give una grace and peace.
Prayer For Di Church
I dey tank my God evritime I remember una. Evritime wen I dey pray for una, I dey do am with happiness, bikos of how una dey help mi prish di gospel from di first day wey una hear am kon rish today. I dey sure sey, di Pesin wey start dis good work for una life, go make am pafet until di day wen Christ go kom. So e dey good for mi to dey tink about una like dis, bikos una dey my heart. Una don follow mi share from God favor, even wen I dey prison and wen I dey prish di trut about di gospel. God know sey, bikos of Christ love wey dey my heart, I dey miss una well-well. I pray make una love dey strong more-more for God tins wey una learn and make E help una undastand, 10 so dat una go fit choose wetin betta pass and as una dey do so, una go dey ready for di day wen Christ go kom. 11 Make di work wey Christ do for us and how to please God, full una mind. Den all di glory and praiz go bi God own.
Paul Prish For Prison
12 My brodas and sistas, I wont make una know sey my sofa na to make di gospel stand. 13 Di sojas wey dey guide di prison and all di oda pipol don know sey, na bikos of Christ, I dey prison 14 and bikos of di prison wey dem put mi so, almost all di brodas and sistas faith for Christ, don strong well-well. And naw, dem don dey prish God word without fear.
15 True-true, na jealousy and kworel make some dey prish about Christ, but odas dey do am with betta mind. 16 I know sey dis ones na love make dem dey do am, bikos dem know sey I dey here to defend wetin dem dey prish. 17 Doz oda ones wey dey prish about Christ dey do so, bikos dem dey tink about diasef and wetin dem go gain. Dem nor dey do tins with klean mind and dem tink sey dem fit kause more trobol for mi, bikos I dey prison. 18 But dat one nor matter to mi. So, weda dem dey pritend or do am with klean mind, di message about Christ dey kontinue and na dat one dey make mi happy.
I go always dey happy, 19 bikos I know sey na una prayer and di help wey Christ Spirit dey give, dey save mi. 20 Di hope wey I get bi sey, shame nor go ever fit katch mi; my heart go strong well-well and as I dey do naw, na so I go always dey do. Evritin for my body go praiz Christ, weda I dey alive or I don die. 21 Bikos to mi, to dey dis life, na to live for Christ and to die inside Christ, na dat one betta pass. 22 If I kontinue to dey live inside dis body, e mean sey I go do betta work, but I nor know wish one I go like pass. 23 Naw, I know wish one I go choose, bikos I won go dey with Christ and na dat one betta pass. 24 But e go good for una as I still dey for dis body. 25 I dey sure of dis tins: I know sey I nor go die naw, so dat I go kontinue with una and as una dey inside di faith, una life go dey betta more-more. 26 So wen I kom meet una again as una dey serve Christ, una go get more rizin to dey happy bikos of mi.
27 Make una life dey show sey una bilive Christ message, so dat weda I kom si una or not, I go dey hear sey una dey strong with one spirit, one mind and dey fight togeda make di gospel for stand. 28 Make una nor fear una enemies, bikos dem go soon skata and dat na sign to show sey God go save una. 29 God don give una dis sign, nor bi only make una for bilive Christ, but make una for still sofa for am, 30 bikos una dey face di same sofa wey una si mi dey face. And I wont make una know sey, even naw, I still dey sofa di same tin.