Advise For Yong Men
My pikin, make yu nor forget wetin I tish yu
and always remember wetin I sey make yu dey do.
Wetin I tish yu
go make yu prosper and get long life.
So make yu always get faith and dey honbol;
tie trut and mesi round yor neck kon rite dem for yor heart.
If yu do like dat,
both God and human being go dey happy and favor yu.
Make yu always dey trust God with all yor heart,
but nor trust wetin yu tink sey yu know.
Always dey remember God kommand for anytin wey yu dey do,
den E go show yu di korrect way.
Nor tink sey yu wise pass di way yu bi,
but just obey God and nor do bad tins.
If yu do like dis,
yor body go dey okay and yor bones go strong well-well.
Honor God with yor money
kon offa di first fruit wey yu harvest from yor farm gi-am.
10 If yu do so, korn go full yor store
and yu go get plenty wine to keep.
11 My pikin, if God korrect yu,
listin well and take am as warnin.
12 Bikos God dey korrect only di pipol wey E love,
just as papa dey korrect di pikin wey e dey proud of.
13 Pesin wey wise and get undastandin,
na happiness go bi en own.
14 Undastandin get gain pass silva
and e betta pass gold.
15 Wisdom get value pass gold
and e nor get anytin wey yu fit use take kompare am.
16 E go give yu long life,
plenty propaty and honor.
17 E go still make yor life sweet
and yu go dey save.
18 Wisdom na tree wey dey give life
and e dey make pipol wey kom meet am, happy.
19 God kreate di eart with en wisdom
and na en undastandin E take make di heavens.
20 Na en wisdom make river dey flow
and na-im dey make kloud bring rain kom di eart.
21 So my pikin, whole di wisdom and undastandin wey yu get well
and yu nor ever let dem live yu.
22 Dem go make yu live sweet and happy life.
Dem go bi like betta shain for yor neck.
23 Dem go make yu dey save for anytin wey yu dey do
and yu nor go ever fall.
24 Fear nor go katch yu wen yu dey sleep
and yu go sleep well still day break.
25 Yu nor nid to worry about wahala wey go just happen,
just as e dey go meet wiked pipol.
26 God go save yu
and E nor go let trap katch yu.
27 Anytime wey yu fit,
make yu do good to pipol wey nid am.
28 Nor ever tell yor neighbour make e wait till tumoro,
if yu know sey yu fit help am naw.
29 Nor ever plan bad against yor neighbour,
bikos doz wey dey stay near yu, trust yu.
30 Nor argue with pesin just bikos yu won argue,
wen yu know sey e nor do yu bad.
31 Nor jealous or bigin bihave like pipol
wey like wahala well-well,
32 bikos God hate pipol wey dey do evil,
but E dey draw raitious pipol near body.
33 God don curse wiked pipol house,
while blessings full raitious pipol own.
34 God nor get wetin E won do with proud pipol,
but E dey favor pipol wey dey honbol.
35 Pipol wey wise go get good name,
but fools go only add trobol join dia disgrace.