More Warnin
My pikin, if yu gri
sey yu go pay di debt wey yor friend owe
and dem kon owe yu
for di promise wey yu make,
make yu follow dis my advise,
so dat yu go free yorsef,
bikos yu don fall enter yor neighbour hand bi dat.
Just go honbol yorsef and beg yor neighbour,
so dat e go free yu.
Make yu do as I tell yu before sleep go katch yu!
Nor rest until yu do am.
Just try komot yorsef from di trap like bird wey komot from trap
or like deer wey eskape from hunta.
Lazy pipol, make una learn lesin from di way ant
dey live dia life.
Dem nor get leader,
govnor or who dey rule dem,
but dem dey store dia food for dry sizin,
dey wait for wen rainin sizin go start.
But na how long lazy man go take dey liedan for en bed?
Wen e go ever get up?
10 E go sey, “Make I just sleep;
fold my hand and rest small.”
11 But as e dey sleep,
evritin wey e get go vanish like sey na tif karry dem go.
12 Wetin yuzles and wiked pipol bi like?
Na lie dem just dey lie waka.
13 Dem go use dia eyes take make sign
kon use dia legs and fingers take deceive pipol.
14 Na bad plans full dia heart
and na so-so trobol dem dey kause.
15 Bikos of dis, dem nor go know before wahala go kom meet
and distroy dem finish.
16 E get seven tins wey God hate
and E nor wont make anybody do dem and dem bi:
17 “Proud pipol;
doz wey dey lie;
doz wey dey kill innocent pipol;
18 pipol wey dey always tink bad tins;
pipol wey dey rush to go do wiked tins;
19 doz wey dey lie for anoda pesin head
and pipol wey dey kause trobol among dia friends.”
20 My pikin, make yu do wetin yor papa tell yu
and nor ever forget wetin yor mama tish yu.
21 Always keep and lock dia words for yor heart!
Tie dem round yor neck too.
22 Wetin dem tish yu so,
go lead yu wen yu dey waka,
protet yu for nite
kon give yu good advise for day time.
23 Wetin dem sey make yu do, bi like lite
and dia korreshon go fit tish yu how to live yor life.
24 E go keep yu from bad wimen
and from di sweet-sweet words wey oda men wife dey tok.
25 Nor let dia beauti tempt yu
and nor let dia wayo eyes make yu fall.
26 Bikos to sleep with ashawo fit make man poor,
but to sleep with anoda man wife go make yu luz yor life.
27 Yu fit put fire for yor chest
make e nor burn yu?
28 Abi yu fit waka on-top hot shako
make e nor burn yor leg?
29 Na so e go bi too,
if yu sleep with anoda man wife
and anybody wey do dat kind tin,
go sofa.
30 Pipol fit sorry for pesin wen e tif
bikos e dey hongry
31 but if dem katch am,
e must pay back wetin e tif seven times,
even if e nid to sell evritin wey e get.
32 But man wey dey sleep with anoda pesin wife,
nor get sense at-all
and e just dey distroy ensef by ensef.
33 Pipol go hate, beat and disgrace am
and shame go follow am forever.
34 Bikos jealousy dey make husband vex well-well
and e nor dey show mesi wen e won revensh.
35 E nor go gri take any money
and no amount of gift go stop en vexnashon.