Pikin wey get sense dey listin to en papa and mama word,
but doz wey dey foolish, nor dey take korreshon.
Wise word go put betta food for yor tabol,
but na only wahala wiked pipol go chop.
Doz wey dey kontrol dia tongue go get long life,
bikos anyhow word dey distroy tins.
Lazy pipol won get plenty,
but na small dem dey get,
while doz wey dey work hard, dey prosper.
Doz wey dey fear God nor like lie;
but na only shame and disgrace wiked pipol dey kause.
Na God dey guide innocent pipol,
but na sin dey kontrol wiked pipol.
Poor pipol dey bihave like sey dem get money,
but doz wey get money dey pritend sey dem poor.
Rish pipol fit pay anytin for dia life,
but nobody dey treaten poor man.
Doz wey dey fear God, na lite and joy full dia body,
but wiked pipol lite go soon kwensh.
10 To dey karry body up, dey kause wahala,
but doz wey dey take advise, wise well-well.
11 Money wey pesin play wayo take get kwik-kwik, dey disappear,
but di one from hard work dey last forever.
12 Wen wetin pesin hope for nor kwik rish en hand, di heart go sick,
but dream wey kom to pass, bi like tree wey dey give life.
13 Pipol wey nor dey listin to advise dey ask for trobol,
but doz wey dey respet di law, go susid.
14 Wise pipol word bi like wota wey dey give life
and doz wey asept am, dey run from deat.
15 Dem dey respet pesin wey get sense,
but sturbon pipol go distroy demsef.
16 Wise pipol dey tink before dem do anytin,
but foolish pipol nor dey tink
and dem dey happy sey dem foolish.
17 Na manaja wey nor get sense dey enter trobol,
but betta manaja dey bring progress.
18 If yu vex sey pipol dey korrect yu,
na poverty and disgrace go end yor life;
but dem go honor yu, if yu asept korreshon.
19 If pesin get wetin e wont, e dey sweet am well-well,
but na only fool nor dey gri stop di wiked tins wey e dey do.
20 Follow who get sense waka, so dat yu go get sense too;
but if yu waka with foolish pipol, na trobol go follow yu.
21 Doz wey dey like to sin, na trobol dey porshu dem,
but na blessing, raitious pipol go gain.
22 Good pipol dey leave propaty for dia grand-shidren,
but na doz wey dey fear God dey take evritin
wey wiked pipol die leave.
23 Poor pesin farm fit produce many food,
but wikedness dey make dem disappear.
24 Doz wey nor dey korrect dia shidren, hate dem.
But doz wey love dia shidren, dey always korrect dem with love.
25 Doz wey dey fear God, go get enough food to chop,
but na honga go kill wiked pipol.