Di Psalms na song book. Just like many songs, doz wey rite dem use wetin happen for dia life take sing. Leta, evribody for Israel kon dey use dem woship God. Na from di Psalms Israel pipol sing many songs afta dem kom back from Babilon where dem for bi slave. Na five parts dey di book and na “Praiz Bi To Oga God ... Amen and Amen” separate dem! Di five parts remind us about di five books wey Moses rite. Chapter one na di major law and naim really show wetin dey good for life. Di five parts also tok about three difren ways wey God use to take save Israel pipol and dia kings and how dem go Babilon and wen dem kom back. Na David psalms full part one and two, while di third part tok about how dem karry Israel pipol go Babilon. Di fourt part end as dem dey beg God make E kom save dem. Di fift part tok about how God save dem.
God Blessing
God go bless di pesin wey nor dey follow wiked pipol advise,
dey waka with sinnas or sidan with aproko pipol!
Instead, e dey always dey happy to obey God kommand
and na both for day and nite,
e dey study dem.
E bi like tree wey dem plant near wota;
wey dey bear fruit for di korrect time and en leaf nor dey dry.
E dey prosper for anytin wey e do.
But nor bi so e bi for wiked pipol!
Instead, dem bi like leaf wey breeze blow trowey.
Bikos of dis, wiked pipol nor go fit stand for Judgement Day
and sinnas nor go fit dey for where God pipol gada put.
True-true, God dey guide en pipol for evritin wey dem dey do,
but E go distroy doz wey nor dey follow en ways.