Paul Leta to
Na Apostle Paul rite dis leta to di bilivers wey dey Rome. Paul rite di leta to tish di Christians for Rome about di law and how pipol go kon save wen dem bilive sey na God grace bi di ansa for man sin. E esplain sey Jew pipol law nor fit defeat deat or give life, but God plan to save both Jew and Gentile pipol thru Jesus deat and resureshon. Di main lesin bi sey God dey kreate one new family and wen dem baptize pesin inside Jesus, e go get to ovakom evil pawa and freedom go bi di pesin own, as di Holy Spirit go dey lead di way in di new life.
I Salot Una
Paul wey bi Jesus savant and apostle wey e choose make e prish God word, na en rite dis leta. Na dis gospel God promise us for en Holy Book thru en profets sey, my Pikin kom dis world from David family and naim bi my only Pikin wey I wake-up from deat with di Holy Spirit pawa. Na thru am, God give us favor and pawa to bi apostles and na dis pawa wi dey use take dey koll Gentile pipol, make dem obey and bilive en name. Unasef dey among di pipol wey God koll to bi Jesus Christ own. Rome pipol wey God love and koll make dem bi en own, na una I dey rite dis leta give. Make God awa Papa for heaven and Jesus awa Oga God give una grace and peace.
Paul Go Rome
Today, I tank my God thru en pikin Jesus Christ for all of una, bikos na for di whole world dem dey tok about how una faith for God strong rish. God wey I dey serve and prish en pikin gospel, na-im fit bear mi witness sey I always dey remember una 10 and I always dey pray dey ask God if E go let mi kom si una again. 11 Bikos I dey hongry to si una, so dat I go give una di Holy Spirit blessing wey go make una strong, 12 den mi and una go dey happy and Jesus Christ wey wi bilive, go give us rest for awa mind. 13 My brodas and sistas, I wont make una know sey I don plan to kom visit una many times, but God nor let mi kom until naw. Bikos I won gain from una faith as I don do with Gentile pipol. 14 Bikos God sey make I prish to evribody, weda na Greek or Gentile pipol or weda dem wise or foolish. 15 Na dis make mi won kom prish God word give una wey dey Rome.
Pawa For God Word
16 I nor dey shame to prish God word, bikos na-im bi di pawa wey God take dey save doz wey bilive am, weda dem bi Jew or Gentile pipol. 17 Bikos na di Gospel dey show how God dey take make pipol klean for en eye. From di biginnin go rish di end, God sey, “Na only faith go make pesin dey klean for my eye.”
God Kondemn Wiked Pipol
18 Bikos of all di sins and bad tins wey wiked pipol dey do, God vexnashon dey show from heaven and di sins dey kover di trut. 19 So God ponish dem, since dem know evritin wey dem suppose to know about God, bikos na-im show dem. 20 From di time wen God kreate di world, E don show us di tins wey ordinary eye nor dey fit si; E show us en pawa and life thru di tins wey E kreate. So wiked pipol nor get eskuse at-all. 21 Even doh dem know sey God dey, dem nor dey gri gi-am glory as God. Dem nor dey tank am for all di tins wey E dey do. Instead, na nonsense tins dem dey do and dia wiked mind nor fit undastand di trut again. 22 Even doh dem tink sey dem wise, dem bi fools; 23 bikos instead make dem woship God wey dey heaven, dem kon dey woship image wey dem mold or karve like pesin, bird, animal or snake.
24 So God don leave wiked pipol make dem dey do di bad tins wey dia mind, wey bi sey man dey sleep with man and woman dey sleep with woman. 25 Dem don turn di trut about God to lie. Dem dey woship di tins wey E kreate, instead make dem serve God wey deserve all di praiz forever! Amen.
26 Bikos of dis, God leave dem for dia yeye life. Even di wimen shange and dem kon dey do tins wey nor good. 27 And na so too, men nor kon like wimen again, but dem kon dey like to sleep with oda men. So, God ponish dem bikos of wetin dem dey do.
28 Since dem nor gri put God for mind and serve am, E kon leave dem make dem use dia bad mind dey do tins wey dem nor suppose do. 29 Wetin full dia mind na wikedness, evil tins, long-trot, bad belle, bad-bad tins; jealousy, to kill and fight, to lie, to keep enemy with pipol, to judge pipol waka, 30 to tok bad about odas and hate God. Dem dey karry body up, dem nor get respet and na bad tins full dia mind. Dem nor dey respet dia papa and mama. 31 Dem nor get sense, dem dey promise and fail, dem nor dey do good or sorry for pipol. 32 Aldo dem know sey God law sey, pipol wey dey live like dat go die, yet dem nor only dey do dis tins, but dem even dey support pipol wey dey do am.