Paul Leta To
Titus travel with Paul for di sekond, third and fourt Mission trips. So Titus kon bi Paul rite-hand-man, as dem from place to place dey prish di gospel. Di kind of bad tishas wey Efesus pipol esperience also happen for Krete, so Paul kon tell Titus make e stay for Krete to tish di pipol korrect doctrine. E tell Titus to choose good leaders wey dey fear God and wey go fit tish di pipol di korrect tins about Christ. Paul diskribe di wiked leaders like doz wey dey Efesus, so Paul enkourage Titus to stand firm and make e tish di pipol well, so dat dem nor go follow di bad tishas. Paul tell di bilivers sey God grace dey with dem and e go save dem bikos na di true message about Jesus dey make pipol get betta life.
I Salot
Na Paul, wey bi Jesus Christ apostle and God savant rite dis leta to help pipol wey God don choose, so dat dia faith go strong kon know di trut wey go help dem live di kind life wey God wont. Di trut dey give dem di mind sey dem get life wey nor dey end and na God wey nor fit lie promise dem dis life even before E kreate di world. As di time don rish, E don give us en message thru di word wey wi dey prish give evribody and na God awa Savior give mi pawa to do dis work. I dey rite to Titus, my own pikin for faith. Make grace and peace wey dey kom from God awa Papa and from awa Savior Jesus Christ, dey with yu.
Titus Work For Krete
Titus! Na dis message make mi leave yu for Krete, so dat yu go kontinue awa work for der and pick new leaders for each town, just as I kommand yu. Anybody wey won bi elder must dey good. E must get only one wife and en shidren must bi bilivers; dey gentol and dey respet demsef. Make pesin wey bi leader nor get fault, bikos na God work e dey do. Make e nor dey karry body up; dey kwik vex or drink anyhow; dey like to beat pipol or love money. Instead make e dey welkom strenjas for en house; love wetin dey good and e must get sense; make e nor dey put hand for bad tin; e must dey holy and fit kontrol ensef. E must bilive di message about God wey e dey tish, so dat e go fit tell pipol di trut and korrect doz wey dey oppoz am.
10 Many pipol nor won do wetin God tok, instead, dem dey tok anyhow, dey deceive pipol and follow Jew pipol law wey sey, evribody must sekonsaiz. 11 So wi must stop dem, bikos dem dey tish pipol tins wey go make pipol komot from di trut and dem dey do like dis, bikos of di money wey dem go get. 12 Even one among dia own profets sey, “Krete pipol dey always tok lie, dem bi wiked animals and lazy pipol wey get long-trot.” 13 Wetin di profet tok, na true. So bikos of dis, make yu stop dem, so dat di bilivers go strong for faith. 14 Make dem stop to listin to Jew pipol lie-lie story and nor dey bihave like doz wey nor bilive. 15 Evritin dey pure to doz wey dia heart dey pure. But nor-tin dey pure to doz wey bad tins full dia mind. 16 Dis kind pipol dey sey dem know God, but di way wey dem dey live dia life, show sey dem nor know am, bikos dem get bad mind, dey disobey God and dem nor ever dey like betta tin.