Do Good
Make yu remind di bilivers sey, make dem respet doz wey dey rule dem. Dem must obey and dey ready to do good. Make dem nor ever tok bad about anybody, instead make dem dey live for peace, dey gentol and dey bihave well to evribody. Before naw, wi dey bihave like fool; wi nor dey obey; wi dey deceive pipol; wi bi savant to tins wey dey sweet us; wi dey do bad tins and dey jealous odas; pipol hate us and wi hate dem too. But wen God awa Savior show us di kindness and love wey E get for us, E kon save us. Nor bi bikos wi do good, but na bikos of en mesi. E forgive awa sins and E make us new shidren kon give us new life thru di Holy Spirit. God give us dis Spirit for free thru Jesus Christ wey bi awa Savior. Since Christ grace don make us klean for God eye, wi don bi pipol wey dey wait for di life wey nor go end and wi dey sure sey, wi go get am.
Wetin Dey Dis Leta
Dis word wey I dey tok so na trut and I wont make yu make sure sey evribody wey trust God dey do good. Dis tishing dey good and e go help evribody. Nor put mout for word wey nor dey good: like matter wey koncern who born who and kworel or fight about Jew pipol law. All dis tin dey yuzles and dem nor mean anytin. 10 If anybody dey won kause kworel for di church and yu don warn am rish two times and e nor gri shange, den make yu drive am. 11 Bikos dat kind pesin don turn from di trut and en own sin go kondemn am.
Last Word
12 If I send Artemas or Tikikus kom meet yu, make yu try kom meet mi for Nikopolis, bikos I don decide sey, na der I go stay until kold sizin go end. 13 Make yu do evritin wey yu fit do to help Zenas, wey bi lawyer and Apollos for dia journey and make sure sey dem get evritin wey dem nid. 14 Like dis too, awa pipol go learn how to do good and help pipol wey really nid help. And as dem dey do like dis, dem nor go live yuzles life. 15 Evribody wey dey with mi dey greet yu! Make yu greet all di pipol wey love us. Make God grace dey with all of una.