Di Gold Lampstand And Two Olive Tree
Den di angel wey bin dey tok to mi kom back kon wake mi just as dem dey wake pesin wey dey sleep. E ask mi, “Wetin yu si naw?” I ansa, “Na one lampstand wey dem make with gold, wey get bowl where dem dey pour oil put. Seven lamps dey on-top di lampstand and each one get seven whole for di wick. Two olive tree dey near di lampstand too; one for each side.” Den I ask di angel wey tok to mi, “My oga, wetin dis tins mean?” E ansa, “So yu nor know wetin all dis tins mean?” I ansa, “No o-o, my oga! I nor know.” Den e tell mi, “Dis na wetin Oga God dey tell Zerubabel: ‘Nor bi with force or human being bin pawa, but na with my Spirit.’
“Even di strongest mountin nor go fit stand fight Zerubabel, bikos di mountin go turn ordinary groun for en front! And wen Zerubabel don put di final stone for where e suppose dey for di temple, di pipol go shaut, ‘Make God bless am! Make God bless di temple well-well!’ ” Den God tell mi anoda message: “Na Zerubabel start di temple foundashon and na-im go komplete am. Dat time, una go know sey na Oga God send mi kom. 10 Make una nor laf as una take start small, bikos God dey happy sey di work don start and E dey happy to si di ruler for Zerubabel hand.” (Di seven lamps na God eyes wey dey look di whole world.)
11 Den I ask di angel, “Na wetin bi dis two olive tree wey dey each side for di lampstand 12 and di two olive branches wey dey pour gold oil kom out from di two gold pipe?” 13 Di angel ansa, “So yu nor know wetin dem mean?” I ansa, “No o-o, my oga! I nor know.” 14 Den e tell mi, “Na dem bi di two pesin wey dem anoint for heaven to serve Oga wey bi God for di whole eart.”