Judah Turn Kom Meet God
Dis na God message about Israel. Na God kreate di sky and di eart kon give life to man. God sey, “I go make Jerusalem bi like cup wey wine full and all di kountries near am go drink from am kon dey stagga like drunkard man. And wen dem won attack Jerusalem, dem go attack all di town for Judah too. But wen dat time rish, I go make Jerusalem bi like rock wey nobody fit move and all di nashons go gada togeda kon try to move am, but dem go just dey wound diasef.”
Oga God sey, “For dat time, I go make all di horse dey fear and di pipol wey dey ride dem nor go know wetin dem dey do. I go guide Judah pipol kon blind dia enemies horse eye. Den Judah leaders go tell demsef, ‘Jerusalem pipol dey strong well-well bikos na di Oga wey get pawa bi dia God.’ For dat day, I go make Judah leaders bi like fire wey dey burn forest and farm wey ripe korn full. Dem go distroy all di nashons wey surround dem, den Jerusalem pipol go dey save. Mi wey bi God go first save Judah, so dat David shidren-shidren and Jerusalem pipol honor, nor go big pass Judah pipol own. For dat time, God go protet doz wey dey stay Jerusalem and even doz wey weak pass among dem, go dey strong, just as David, dia grand-grand papa bi. David shidren-shidren go lead dem like God angel and dem go bi like God. For dat time, I go distroy all di nashons wey try to attack Jerusalem.
10 “Den I go pour my spirit to pray and to show mesi for David shidren-shidren body and di oda pipol for Jerusalem. Dem go dey look mi, di pesin wey dem shuk, den dem go mourn like pesin wey dey mourn en only pikin. Dem go kry well-well like sey na dia first boy pikin die. 11 For dat time, di kry for Jerusalem go heavy pass Hadad-Rimmon wey dey near Megiddo own. 12 Di land go mourn. Each family go mourn by demsef. Di family wey kom from David tribe, Natan tribe, 13 Levi tribe; Shimei tribe and all di oda family, go kry well-well. 14 Each family go mourn well-well. Men go dey kry dia own, while dia wife sef, go dey kry dia own too.”