When this world will end
The angel also said to me, “After those things happen, the great angel Michael, who protects the Israeli people, will appear. Then there will be a time when there will be great troubles/suffering. The troubles will be greater than any troubles/suffering since the nations began. At that time, all of your people whose names have been written in the book containing the names of those who have eternal life will be saved. Many of those who have died [EUP] will become alive again. Some of them will live eternally with God, and some will be eternally shamed/disgraced in hell. Those who were wise will shine as brightly as the sky is bright when the sun is shining. And those who have shown to others the way to live righteously will shine forever, like the stars [SIM]. But as for you, Daniel, close up the scroll on which you are writing, and seal it in order that no one can open it until the end of the world is near. Before that happens, many people will travel rapidly here and there, learning more and more about many things.”
When that angel finished speaking, I, Daniel, looked up, and suddenly I saw two other angels. One was standing on the side of the river where I was, and one was standing on the other side. One of them called to the other one, who was wearing linen/white clothes, who was now standing further up (OR, above) the river, “How long will it be until these amazing/frightening events end?”
The angel who was on the other side of (OR, above) the river raised his hands toward the sky, and solemnly promised, with the authority [MTY] of God, who lives forever, “It will be three and a half years. All these things will end after God's people stop fighting against those who ◄persecute/cause trouble for/cause suffering for► them.”
I heard what he said, but I did not understand it. So I asked, “Sir, what will be the result when these things end?”
He replied, “Daniel, you must leave now. I cannot answer your question because what it means must ◄be kept secret/not be revealed► [DOU] until the time when everything ends. 10 Many people will thoroughly purify their inner beings [DOU]. But wicked people will not understand these things. They will continue to be wicked. Only those who are wise will understand these things. 11  But I can tell you that before everything ends, there will be 1,290 days, from the time that people are prevented from offering sacrifices each day, that is, from the time that the abominable/disgusting thing is put in the temple. 12 God will be pleased with those who remain faithful until 1,335 days are ended.
13 So now I say to you, continue to faithfully trust God until your life on earth ends. You will die [EUP], but when everything ends, you will receive your reward from God.”