Aaron and his sons were appointed to be priests
Yahweh also said to Moses/me, “Bring Aaron and his sons, and bring their ◄special clothes/clothes that they will wear while they do the work of priests►, the oil for anointing them, the bull to be offered to cause them to become forgiven for the sins they have committed, the two rams to be slaughtered, and the basket containing bread made without yeast. Then gather all the people at the entrance to the Sacred Tent.” Moses/I did what Yahweh told him/me to do, and all the people gathered there.
Then Moses/I said to the people, “This is what Yahweh has commanded us to do.” Then he/I brought Aaron and his sons forward and washed them. He/I put the special tunic/shirt on Aaron, tied the sash/waistband around him, put on him the special robe, and put on him the sacred vest/apron. He/I fastened the sacred vest/apron around him, using the skillfully woven sash. He/I put the sacred pouch on his chest and put into it the two stones for him to use to find out what God wants. Then he/I wrapped the turban around Aaron's head, and fastened on the front of it the gold ornament, the object that showed that he was dedicated to God, like Yahweh had commanded Moses/me.
10 Then Moses/I took the olive oil and anointed the sacred tent and everything in it, and dedicated them to Yahweh. 11 He/I sprinkled some of the oil on the altar seven times. He/I anointed the altar and all the things used with it, and its huge washbasin and its stand, to dedicate them to Yahweh. 12 He/I poured some of the oil on Aaron's head and anointed him to dedicate him to Yahweh. 13 Then he/I brought forward Aaron's sons. He/I put tunics/shirts on them, tied sashes/waistbands around them, and wrapped turbans around their heads, like Yahweh had commanded Moses/me.
14 Then he/I brought the bull for the offering to cause people to be forgiven for the sins that have committed. Then Aaron and his sons put their hands on the bull's head. 15 Then Moses/I slaughtered the bull, caught some of its blood in a bowl, and with his/my finger put some of it on the projections at the corners of the altar, to purify the altar. He/I poured the rest of the blood at the base of the altar. By doing that, he/I caused it to be a suitable place for burning sacrifices for sin. 16 Moses/I took all the fat that covers the inner parts of the animal, including the liver and kidneys, and burned them on the altar. 17 He/I took the rest of the bull, including the hide and intestines, and burned them outside the camp, like Yahweh had commanded Moses/me.
18 Then he/I brought the ram for the offering that would be completely burned on the altar, and Aaron and his sons laid their hands on its head. 19 Then Moses/I slaughtered the ram and sprinkled its blood on all sides of the altar. 20-21 He/I cut the ram into pieces and washed the inner parts and hind legs.Then he/I put the head, the fat, and the other parts of the ram on the altar. As it burned, the aroma of the smoke was pleasing to Yahweh. It was an offering to Yahweh that was burned, as Yahweh had commanded Moses/me.
22 Then he/I brought the other ram, the one for consecrating the priests, and Aaron and his sons laid their hands on its head. 23-24 Moses/I slaughtered that ram, drained some of its blood in a bowl, and put some of that blood on the lobes of the right ears, the thumbs of the right hands, and the big toes of the right feet of Aaron and his sons to indicate that what they listened to and what they did and where they went should be directed by Yahweh. 25 He/I picked up all the fat of the ram, its fat tail, the fat that covered the inner parts, including the fat that covered the liver and kidneys, and the right thigh of the ram. 26-27 Then from the basket containing the bread that was made without yeast, the bread which had been dedicated to Yahweh, he/I picked up one loaf of bread made without olive oil, and one loaf that was made by mixing the flour with olive oil, and one wafer. He/I put those on top of the portions of fat, and put them into the hands of Aaron and his sons. Then they lifted them up in the presence of Yahweh to indicate that it was an offering that belonged to him. 28 Then Moses/I took those things from their hands and burned them on the altar. That was the offering that was burned to appoint Aaron and his sons as priests. And the aroma while it burned was pleasing to Yahweh. 29 Moses/I also took the breast of the second ram and lifted it up, as Yahweh had commanded. The breast was Moses'/my share of the ram that was sacrificed to dedicate the priests.
30 Then Moses/I took some of the olive oil for anointing Aaron and his sons, and some of the blood that was on the altar and sprinkled it on Aaron and his sons and on their clothes. By doing that, he/I consecrated Aaron and his sons and their clothes.
31 Then Moses/I said to Aaron and his sons, “Boil the meat of the second ram at the entrance of the Sacred Tent, and eat it there with the bread that is in the basket, like I told you to do. 32 Burn up any of the meat and bread that remains. 33 The time for you to be set apart as priests will be seven days, so do not leave the entrance of the Sacred Tent for seven days. 34 What we have done today is what Yahweh commanded to cause that you will be forgiven for your sins. 35 You must stay at the entrance of the Sacred Tent for seven days and seven nights and do what Yahweh requires, in order that you will not die because of disobeying him. I am telling you that because that is what Yahweh has commanded me to tell you.”
36 So Aaron and his sons did everything that Yahweh told Moses/me to tell them.