The request of the daughters of Zelophehad
One day the five daughters of Zelophehad came to Moses/me. They were Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah. They came to the entrance of the Sacred Tent and stood in front of Eleazar, Moses/me, the tribal leaders, and many [EUP] other Israeli people. They said, “Our father died during the time that we were in the desert, and he did not have any sons. But he was not among those who supported Korah, who rebelled against Yahweh. He died just because he was a sinner like everyone else. ◄Why should the name of his clan disappear with the result that we do not receive any land only because our father had no sons?/It is not right that the name of his clan disappear with the result that we do not receive any land only because our father had no sons.► [RHQ] So give us some land like our relatives will be getting!”
So Moses/I asked Yahweh what to do about their request. And Yahweh replied, “What the daughters of Zelophehad are requesting is right. You must give them some land, just as you are giving to their father's relatives. Give to each of them some of the land that would have been given to their brothers if they had any.
Also tell this to the Israeli people: ‘If a man who has no sons dies, give the things that his sons would have inherited to his daughters. If the man has no sons or daughters, give to his brothers the things that his sons and daughters would have inherited. 10 If the man had no brothers, give to his father's brothers the things that his sons or daughters or brothers would have inherited. 11 If the man's father has no brothers, give to his closest relative the things that the others would have inherited.’ That will be a rule for the Israeli people, because I am giving this as a command to you, Moses, to tell them.”
Joshua was chosen to be the Israelis' new leader
12 One day, Yahweh said to Moses/me, “Climb to the top of the Abarim Mountains east of the Jordan River. Then look out over the land that I am giving to the Israeli people. 13 After you have seen it, you will die [EUP] just like your older brother Aaron did. 14 The reason that you will die and not enter that land is that you both disobeyed my instructions/commands in the Zin Desert. When the Israeli people rebelled against me there at Meribah, near Kadesh, I told you to speak to the rock to cause water to flow out of it. But because you struck the rock instead of speaking to it, you did not show the people my holy power.”
15 Then Moses/I said this to Yahweh: 16 “Yahweh, you are the God who directs the spirits of all people. So please appoint a new leader for the Israeli people. 17 Appoint someone who will lead your people when they go to fight a battle, so that they will not just wander around like sheep that do not have a shepherd.” [SIM]
18 Yahweh replied, “Get Joshua, the son of Nun, who has my Spirit within him. Lay your hands on him to appoint him. 19 Cause him to stand in front of Eleazar the priest, as all the people are watching, and commission/appoint him to be the new leader of the Israeli people. 20 Give to him some of the authority that you now have, in order that all the Israeli people will know that they must obey him. 21 When you all need me to guide you, Joshua will stand in front of Eleazar. Then by ◄casting lots/throwing marked stones on the ground► Eleazar will find out what they should do.”
22 So Moses/I did what Yahweh commanded. He/I presented Joshua to Eleazar and to all the Israeli people. 23 Moses/I laid his/my hands on him and commissioned/appointed him to do the work that Yahweh told Moses/me to tell him to do.