Think as Christ did when he suffered, and conduct your lives as God wants you to, not doing the immoral things that you used to do.
1 Peter 4:1-6
Therefore, because Christ suffered physically, you also must think the way that he did when he was willing to suffer, because those who suffer physicallybecause of belonging to Jesus have stopped sinning the way they used to sin. As a result, during their remaining time here on earth, they do not do the things that sinful people desire to do, but instead they do the things that God wants them to do. I say that to you because [SAR] you have already spent too much of your time here on earth doing what the people who do not know God like to do. In the past you committed all kinds of sexually immoral acts [DOU], you got drunk and then participated in ◄orgies/wild partiesand carousing/revelry, and you worshipped idols, which is very displeasing to God. Because you used to do those things, your friends are surprised that you do not join them any more when they participate in that kind of wild behavior thatis rushing to/will quicklydestroy them like [MET] a flood. As a result, they say evil things about you. But God is ready to judge the people who are living now and the people who have died, and he is the one who will decide whether he approves of what each of them has done. That is the reason why the message about Christ was preached {people preached the message about Christ} to believers who have now died. That message was preached to them in order that even though sinful people might judge them and say that they are guilty, God’s Spirit would enable them to live eternally.
Keep thinking sensibly. Love each other earnestly. Provide hospitality to others. Use your spiritual gifts well. Be kind to others with all the energy that you have.
1 Peter 4:7-11
It is almost the time when everything on this earth will come to an end. Therefore, keep thinking sensibly/reasonably and control what you think [DOU], so that you can pray clearly. Most important of all, love each other earnestly/wholeheartedly, because if we love others [PRS], we will just ignore many of the sinful things that they do to us. Provide food and a place to sleep for those who come to your community, and do it without complaining. 10 Believers should all use the spiritual gifts that God has given them to serve others. They should manage/use well the various gifts that God has kindly given them. 11 Those who speak to the congregation should do that as though they are speaking the very words of God. Those who do kind things to others should do it with the strength that God gives them, in order that God may be honored by all this {that all this may honor God} as Jesus Christ enables us to do it. I pray that we will praise God (OR, Jesus) and allow him to rule over us forever. ◄May it be so!/Amen!►
Do not be surprised when you suffer for being Christians, and do not be ashamed when that happens. Instead, commit yourselves to God.
1 Peter 4:12-19
12 You whom I love, do not be surprised about the painful things that you are suffering because you belong to Christ. Those things are testing you as metals are tested by people putting them in a fire. Do not think that something strange is happening to you. 13 Instead, rejoice that you are suffering the same kinds of things that Christ endured. Rejoice when you suffer, in order that you may also be very glad [DOU] when Christ returns and reveals how glorious/wonderful he is. 14 If you are insulted {If people insult you} because you believe in Christ [MTY], God is pleased with you, because it shows that the Spirit of God, the Spirit who reveals how great God is, lives within you. 15 If you suffer, do not let that suffering be the result of your being a murderer or a thief or as a result of doing some other evil thing, or as a result of interfering in someone else’s affairs. 16 But if you suffer because of being a Christian, do not be ashamed about it. Instead, praise God that you are suffering because of belonging to Christ [MTY]. 17 I say that, because it is now time for God to begin judging people, and first he will judge those who belong [MTY] to him. Since he will judge us believers first, think about the terrible things that will happen to [RHQ] those who do not obey the good message that comes from him! 18  That will be as it is written in the Scriptures,
Many righteous people will have to suffer many difficult trials before going to heaven.
So ungodly and sinful people will surely have to suffer much severe punishment from God!
19 Therefore, those who suffer because of its being God’s will that they suffer because of being Christians should commit themselves to God, the one who created them and the one who always does what he promises to do. And they should continue to do what is right.