A psalm written by David
Yahweh, I will sing to you!
I will sing about your faithfully loving us (OR, my being loyal to you and acting justly/fairly toward people).
I promise that while I rule people [MTY],
I will behave in such a way that no one will be able to criticize me.
Yahweh, ◄when will you come to help me?/I need you to come to help me.► [RHQ]
I will do things that are right.
I will not allow stay away from those who do what is evil[SYN].
I hate the deeds of those who ◄ turn away from/sin against► you;
I will ◄completely avoid those people/not allow those people to come near me►.
I will not be dishonest,
and I will not have anything to do with evil (OR, evil people).
I will get rid of anyone who secretly slanders someone else,
and I will not ◄tolerate/allow to be near me► anyone who is proud and arrogant [DOU].
I will approve of [IDM] people in this land who ◄are loyal to/faithfully obeyGod,
and I will allow them to ◄live with/work for► me.
I will allow those who behave in such a way that no one can criticize them to ◄serve me/be my officials►.
I will not allow anyone who deceives others to work in my palace;
no one who tells lies will be allowed to continually come to work for me.
Every day I will try to get rid of all the wicked people in this land;
I will do that by expelling them from this city, which is Yahweh's city.