A psalm written by David
I tell myself that I should praise Yahweh.
I will praise him [MTY] with all of my inner being, because he [MTY] is holy.
I tell myself that I should praise Yahweh
and never forget all the kind things he has done for me:
He forgives all my sins,
and he heals me from all my diseases/sicknesses;
he keeps me from dying [MTY],
and blesses me by faithfully loving me and acting mercifully to me.
He gives me good things during my entire life.
He makes me feel young and strong like eagles.
Yahweh judges justly and ◄vindicates/does what is right for► all those who have been treated unfairly.
Long ago he revealed to Moses what he planned to do;
he showed to the ancestors of us Israeli people the mighty things that he was able to do.
Yahweh acts mercifully and kindly;
he does not quickly ◄get angry/punish us► when we sin;
he is always showing us that he faithfully loves us.
He will not keep rebuking us,
and he will not remain angry forever.
10 He punishes us for our sins,
but he does not punish us severely as we deserve [DOU]!
11 The skies are very high above the earth,
and Yahweh's faithful love for all those who revere him is just as great.
12 He has taken away the guilt for [MTY] our sins,
taking it as far from us as the east is from the west.
13 Just like parents act mercifully toward their children,
Yahweh is kind to those who revere him.
14 He knows what our bodies are like;
he remembers that he created us from dirt,
and so we quickly fail to do what pleases him [MET].
15 We humans do not live forever [SIM];
we are like grass [SIM] that withers and dies.
We are like wild flowers: They bloom for a short while,
16 but then the hot wind blows over them, and they disappear;
no one sees them again.
17 But Yahweh will faithfully keep loving forever
all those who revere him.
He will act fairly to our children and to their children;
18 he will act that way to all those who obey the agreement he made with them to bless them if they did what he told them to do,
to all those who obey what he has commanded.
19 Yahweh made/caused the heavens to be the place where he rules [MTY];
from there he rules over everything.
20 You angels who belong to Yahweh, praise him!
You are powerful creatures/beings who do what he tells you to do;
you obey what he commands.
21 Praise Yahweh, you armies/thousands of angels who serve him and do what he desires!
22 All you things that Yahweh has created, praise him;
praise him in every place where he rules, everywhere!
And I also will praise Yahweh!