A psalm written by David
God, I am ◄very confident/trusting completely► [IDM] in you.
I will sing to praise you.
with allmy nner being.
I will arise before the sun rises,
and I will praise you while I play my big harp and my ◄lyre/small harp►.
I prayed, “Yahweh, I will thank you among all the people-groups;
I will sing to praise you among the nations,
because your faithful love for us reaches up to the heavens,
and your faithfully doing what you promise is as great as the distance up to the clouds.
Yahweh, show in the heavens that you are very great!
And show your glory to people all over the earth!
Answer our prayers and by your power help us [MTY] to defeat our enemies
in order that we, the people whom you love, may be saved/rescued.”
And Yahweh answered our prayers and spoke from his temple, saying, “Because I have conquered your enemies, I will joyfully divide everything in Shechem city
and I will distribute among my people the valuable things in Succoth Valley.
The Gilead region is mine;
the people of the tribe of Manasseh are mine;
the tribe of Ephraim is like my war helmet,
and the tribe of Judah is like the ◄scepter/stick that I hold which shows that I am the ruler► [MET];
the Moab region is like my washbasin [MET];
I throw my sandal in the Edom area to show that it belongs to me;
I shout triumphantly because I have defeated the people of the Philistia area.”
10  Because we want to attack the people of Edom,
◄who will lead my army triumphantly to their capital city that has strong walls around it?/I want someone to lead my army triumphantly to their capital city that has strong walls around it.► [RHQ]
11 God, we hope that [RHQ] you have not abandoned us,
and that you will go with us when our army marches out to fight our enemies.
12  We need you to help us when we fight against our enemies,
because the help that humans can give us is worthless.
13  But with you helping us, we shall win;
you will enable us to defeat our enemies.