I love Yahweh,
because he hears me when I cry for him to help me.
He listens to me,
so I will call out to him all during my life.
Everything around me [MET] caused me to think that I would die;
I was very afraid that I would die and go to the place where dead people are.
I was very distressed/worried and afraid.
But then I called out to Yahweh, saying,
“Yahweh, I plead with you to save/rescue me!”
Yahweh is kind and does what is right;
he is our God, and he acts mercifully to us.
He protects those who ◄are helpless/cannot defend themselves►;
and when I thought that I would die, he saved me.
I must encourage/tell myself to ◄have inner peace/not worry anymore►,
because Yahweh has done very good things for me.
Yahweh has saved me [SYN] from dying,
and has kept/protected me from troubles that would cause me to cry.
He has kept/protected me from stumbling.
So here on the earth, where people are still alive,
I live knowing that Yahweh is directing me.
10 I continued to believe/trust in Yahweh,
even when I said, “I am greatly afflicted/troubled.”
11  Even when I was distressed/worried and said, “I cannot trust anyone,”
I continued to trust in Yahweh.
12 So now I will tell you [RHQ] what I will offer to Yahweh,
because of all the good things that he has done for me.
13 I will offer to him a cup of wine
to thank him for saving/rescuing me.
14 When I am together with many [HYP] people who belong to Yahweh,
I will give to him the offerings that I solemnly promised to give to him.
15 Yahweh is very grieved/sad when one of his people dies.
16 I am one of those who serve Yahweh;
I serve him like my mother did.
He has freed/saved me from dying (OR, from being fastened by chains).
17  So I will offer to him a sacrifice to thank him,
and I will pray to him.
18-19 When I am together with many of [HYP] the people who belong to Yahweh,
in the courtyard outside his temple in Jerusalem,
I will give to him the offerings that I solemnly promised to give to him.
Praise Yahweh!