Tell Yahweh that you thank him very much for the good things that he has done for you
He faithfully loves us, his people, forever.
You Israeli people should repeatedly shout,
“He faithfully loves us, his people, forever!”
You priests who are descendants of Aaron should repeatedly shout,
“He faithfully loves us, his people, forever!”
All you who revere him should repeatedly shout,
“He faithfully loves us, his people, forever!”
When I was distressed, I called out to Yahweh,
and he answered me and set me free from my worries/troubles.
Yahweh is ◄on my side/helping me►,
so I will not be afraid of anything.
No one [RHQ] can do anything that will prevent God from blessing me forever.
Yes, Yahweh is ◄on my side/helping me►,
so I will look triumphantly at my enemies while he defeats them.
It is better to trust in Yahweh
than to ◄depend on/trust in► people.
It is better to trust Yahweh to protect us
than to trust that influential/important people will protect us.
10 Armies of [MTY] many nations surrounded me,
but Yahweh enabled me to defeat them by his power [MTY].
11 They completely surrounded me,
but I defeated them all by the power of Yahweh.
12 They swarmed around me like angry bees;
they were like a fire that blazes strongly, but only briefly, in a thornbush,
but I defeated them by the power [MTY] that Yahweh gave me.
13  My enemies attacked me fiercely and almost defeated me,
but Yahweh helped me.
14 Yahweh is the one who makes me strong,
and he is the one about whom I always sing;
he has saved me from my enemies.
15 Listen to the joyful songs of victory being sung in the tents of godly/righteous people!
They sing, “Yahweh has defeated our enemies by his mighty power [MTY];
16 he has raised his strong right arm to show he has defeated his enemies.
Yahweh has completely defeated them!”
17 I will not be killed in battle;
I will live to proclaim the great things that Yahweh has done.
18 Yahweh has punished me severely,
but he has not allowed ◄me to die/ my enemies to kill me►.
19  You gatekeepers, open for me the gates of the temple
in order that I may enter and thank Yahweh.
20 Those are the gates through which we enter the temple to worship Yahweh;
godly/righteous people enter those gates.
21  Yahweh, I thank you that you answered my prayer,
and you saved me from my enemies.
22  Yahweh's promised/chosen king is like [MET] the stone which the builders rejected
when they were building a house,
but that stone became the ◄cornerstone/most important stone in the building►.
23 ◄This was done by Yahweh/Yahweh has done this►,
and it is a wonderful thing for us to see.
24 This is the day in which we remember that Yahweh acted powerfully to defeat our enemies;
we will rejoice and be glad/happy today.
25 Yahweh, we plead with you to keep rescuing us from our enemies.
Yahweh, please help us ◄accomplish/do well► what we want to do.
26 Yahweh, bless the one who will come with your authority [MTY].
And from the temple we ◄bless/ ask Yahweh to bless► all of you.
27 Yahweh is God,
and he has caused his light to shine on us.
Come, carrying palm branches, and join the people who are starting the festival as they go to the altar.
28  Yahweh, you are the God whom I worship, and I will praise you!
You are my God, and I will tell everyone that you are great!
29 Thank Yahweh, because he does good things for us
He will faithfully love us forever.