Praise Yahweh!
You who ◄do work for/serve► Yahweh,
praise him!
You who stand in the temple of Yahweh our God and in the surrounding courtyard,
praise him [MTY]!
Praise Yahweh, because he does good things for us;
sing to him [MTY], because he is kind to us.
He has chosen us, the descendants of Jacob;
he has chosen us Israelis to belong to him [DOU].
I know that Yahweh is great;
he is greater than all the gods.
Yahweh does whatever he desires to do,
in heaven and on the earth
and in the seas/oceans, down to the bottom of the seas.
He is the one who causes clouds to appear from very distant places on the earth;
he sends lightning with the rain,
and he brings the winds from the places where he stores them.
He is the one who killed all the firstborn males in Egypt,
the firstborn of people and of animals.
There he performed many kinds of miracles [DOU]
to punish the king and all his officials.
10 He destroyed many nations
and the powerful kings who ruled them:
11 Sihon, the king of the Amor people-group,
and Og, the king of Bashan region,
and all the other kings in Canaan land.
12 Then he gave their land to us Israeli people
to belong to us forever.
13 Yahweh your name will endure forever,
and people who are not yet born will remember the great things that you have done.
14 Yahweh, you declare that we your people ◄are innocent/have not done things that are wrong►,
and you are merciful to us.
15 But the idols that the other people-groups worship are only statues made of silver and gold,
things that humans have made.
16 Their idols have mouths, but they cannot say anything;
they have eyes, but they cannot see anything.
17 They have ears, but they cannot hear anything,
and they are not even able to breathe.
18 The people who make those idols are as powerless as those idols,
and those who trust in those idols can accomplish no more than their idols can!
19  My fellow Israelis, praise Yahweh!
You priests who are descended from Aaron, praise Yahweh!
20 You men who are descended from Levi, you who assist the priests, praise Yahweh!
All you who revere Yahweh, praise him!
21 Praise Yahweh in the temple on Zion Hill in Jerusalem,
where he lives!
Praise Yahweh!