A psalm written by David for the choir director
Only foolish people say to themselves, “There is no God!”
People who say those things are corrupt/worthless; they do abominable/detestable deeds;
there is not one of them who does what is good/right.
Yahweh looks down from heaven and sees humans;
he looks to see if anyone is very wise,
with the result that he desires to know God.
But they are all corrupt/evil;
no one does what is good/right.
Will those evil people never learn what God will do to punish them [RHQ]?
They act violently toward Yahweh's people while eating the food that he provides,
and they never pray to Yahweh.
But some day they will become very terrified
because God helps those who act righteously and will punish those who reject him.
Those who do evil may prevent helpless people from doing what they plan to do,
but Yahweh protects those helpless people [MET].
I wish/desire that Yahweh would come from Jerusalem [MTY] and rescue us Israeli people!
Yahweh, when you bless your people again,
all of us Israeli people, who are the descendants of Jacob, will rejoice.