Praise Yahweh!
Praise him, from up in heaven;
praise him from way up in the sky!
All you angels who belong to him, praise him!
All you who are in the armies of heaven, praise him!
Sun and moon, you also praise him!
You shining stars, you praise him!
You highest heavens, praise him!
And you waters that are high above the sky, praise him!
I want all of these to praise Yahweh [MTY]
because by commanding them to exist, he created them.
He determined the places where they should be in the sky,
and he commanded that they should be there forever.
They cannot disobey that command!
And everything on the earth, praise Yahweh!
You huge sea monsters and everything else that is deep in the ocean,
and fire and hail, and snow and frost,
and strong winds that obey what he commands,
I tell all of you to praise Yahweh!
Hills and mountains,
fruit trees and cedar trees,
10 all the wild animals and all you cattle,
and the ◄reptiles/creatures that crawl on the ground►,
and all the birds, I tell all of them to praise Yahweh!
11 You kings on this earth and all the people that you rule,
you princes and all other rulers,
12 you young men and young women,
you old people and children, everyone, praise Yahweh!
13 I want them all to praise Yahweh [MTY]
because he is greater than anyone else.
His glory is greater than anything on the earth or in heaven.
14 He caused us, his people, to be strong
in order that we, his people,
we Israeli people ◄who are very precious to him/whom he loves very much►,
would praise him.
So praise Yahweh!