Yahweh, you care for me like a shepherd cares for his sheep.
So I have everything that I need.
You encourage me
and give me peace;
you are like a shepherd
who leads his sheep to places where there is plenty of green grass for them to eat,
and lets them rest beside streams where the water is flowing slowly.
You renew my strength.
You guide me along the roads that are the right ones for me
in order that I can honor you.
Even when I am walking through very dangerous dark ravines
where I might be killed,
I will not be afraid of anything
because you are with me.
You protect me like a shepherd protects his sheep.
He uses his club and his walking stick to protect them from being attacked by wild animals.
You prepare a great feast for me,
in a place where my enemies can see me.
You joyfully receive me, as people joyfully receive the guests they have invited
by pouring olive oil over their heads.
You have given me very many blessings!
I am certain that you will be good to me
and act mercifully toward me
as long as I live;
and then, O Yahweh, I will live in your home in heaven forever.