A psalm written for the choir director by David, a man who served God faithfully
Wicked people continually desire to sin.
They consider [IDM] that they do not need to revere God.
Because they are very proud,
they do not think that God will discover their sins and condemn them (OR, they do not think about their sins and hate themselves for it).
Everything that they say is deceitful and full of lies;
they no longer do what is good
and are no longer wise.
While they are lying on their beds, they plan to do things to harm others;
they are determined to do things that are not good,
and they never refuse to do what is evil.
Yahweh, your faithful love for us reaches as high as the heavens,
you faithfully do what you have promised;
it is as though your doing that extends up to the clouds.
Your righteous behavior is as permanent as the highest mountains [MET],
your acting justly will continue as long as the deepest oceans exist.
You take care of people and you take care of animals.
God, your faithful love for us is very precious.
You protect us like birds protect their baby birds under their wings [MET].
You provide for us plenty of food from the abundant supply [IDM] that you have;
your great blessings for us flow like a river.
You are the one who causes everything to live;
your light is what enables us to see.
10 Continue to faithfully love those who have experienced a relationship with you,
and bless those who act righteously/justly.
11 Do not allow proud people [SYN] to attack me,
or allow wicked people to chase me away.
12 Look where evil people have fallen on the ground, defeated;
they were thrown down, and they will never rise again.