(A continuation of psalm 42)
God, declare that I ◄am innocent/have not done things that are wrong►.
Defend me when ◄ungodly people/people who do not worship you► say things against me,
rescue me from people who deceive and say things about me that are not true.
You are God, the one who protects me;
◄why have you abandoned me?/it seems that you have abandoned me!► [RHQ]
It does not seem right that [RHQ] I am forced to mourn/cry constantly
because my enemies are cruel to me.
Shine your light on me and speak your truth to me;
and let them guide me,
and take me back to Zion, your sacred hill at Jerusalem,
and to your temple, where you live.
When you do that, I will go to your altar,
to worship you, my God, who causes me to be extremely joyful.
There I will praise you, the God whom I worship, while I play my harp.
So ◄why am I sad and discouraged?/I should not be sad and discouraged!► [RHQ]
I confidently expect God to bless me,
and I will praise him again,
my God, the one who saves me.