A love song written by one of the descendants of Korah, for the choir director, to be sung to the tune ❛Lilies❜
In my inner being I am stirred by a beautiful message
which will be sung to the king.
The words of this message will be written with a pen by me, a skilled writer.
O King, you are the most handsome man in the world,
and you always speak [MTY] eloquently,
because God has always blessed you.
You who are a mighty warrior, put on your sword!
You are glorious and majestic.
Ride on like a great chief
to defend the truth that you speak
and the fair decisions that you make!
Because you are strong [MTY],
you will do awesome deeds.
Your arrows are sharp,
and they pierce the hearts of your enemies.
Soldiers of many nations will fall dead at your feet.
The kingdom [MTY] that God will give to you will remain forever.
You rule [MTY] people justly.
You love right actions,
and you hate evil actions.
Therefore God, your God, has chosen [MTY] you to be king
and caused you to be happier [MET] than any other king.
The perfume of various spices is on your robes.
People ◄entertain you/make you happy► in ivory palaces
by playing stringed instruments.
Among the women who stay near you [EUP] stay are daughters of other kings.
And at your right hand stands your bride, the queen, wearing beautiful ornaments of gold that comes from Ophir.
10  Now I will say something to your bride:
Listen to me carefully [DOU]!
Forget the people who live in your home country,
forget your relatives!
11 Because you are very beautiful,
the king will desire to sleep with [EUP] you.
He is your master, so you must obey him.
12 The people from Tyre city will bring gifts to you;
their rich people will try to persuade you to do favors for them.
13  O king, your bride will be entering the palace
wearing beautiful robes made from gold thread.
14 While she is wearing a gown that has many colors,
her companions will lead her to you.
She will have many other young women who accompany her.
15 They will be very joyful [DOU] as they are led along
to enter your palace.
16 Some day, your sons and your grandsons will become kings,
just like your ancestors were.
You will enable them to become rulers in many countries [HYP].
17 And as for me, I will enable people in every generation to remember the great things that you [MTY] have done,
and people will praise you forever.