A psalm written for the choir director by one of the descendants of Korah
You people all over the world, clap your hands for joy!
Shout joyfully to praise God!
Yahweh, who is much greater than any other god, is awesome;
he is the king who rules over all the world!
He enabled us to defeat the armies of the people-groups that lived in Canaan.
He chose for us this land where we now live;
we Israeli people [MTY], whom he loves, are proud that we own this land.
(Think about that!)
God has gone up into his temple.
The people shouted joyfully and blew trumpets as Yahweh went up.
Sing songs to praise our God!
Sing to praise him [DOU]!
Sing to God, our king!
God is the one who rules over everything in the world;
sing a psalm to him!
God sits on his sacred throne
as he rules over the people of all ethnic groups.
The rulers of those people-groups gather as God's people, the people descended from Abraham, do.
But God has more power than the weapons/shields of all the kings on the earth;
◄he is greatly honored/people honor him► everywhere.