A psalm written by David for the choir director, concerning the time the Philistines seized David in Gath; to be sung using the tune ❛Dove on distant oaks❜
God, be merciful to me because men have harassed me;
all day my enemies pursue me.
My enemies harass me all day long;
there are many of them who proudly attack me.
But whenever I am afraid,
I trust in you.
God, I praise/thank you because you do what you have promised;
I trust in you, and then I am not afraid.
Ordinary humans certainly cannot [RHQ] harm me!
All day long my enemies claim that I said things that I did not say (OR, try to destroy what I am doing);
they are always thinking of ways to harm me.
In order to cause trouble for me, they hide
and watch everything that I do,
waiting for an opportunity to kill me [MTY].
So, God, punish them for the wicked things that they are doing;
show that you are angry by defeating those people!
You have counted all the times that I have been wandering alone/distressed;
it is as though you have put all my tears in a bottle
in order that you can see how much I have cried.
You have counted my tears and written the number in your book.
When I call out to you, my God, my enemies will be defeated;
I know that will happen, because you are fighting for me.
10 I praise/thank you that you do what you have promised;
Yahweh, I will always praise you for that [DOU].
11 I trust in you, and as a result, I will not be afraid.
I know that humans cannot really [RHQ] harm me!
12 I will bring to you the offering that I promised;
I will bring an offering to you to thank you,
13 because you have rescued me from being killed;
you have kept me from stumbling.
As a result, I will continue to live in your presence in the light that shines on those who are still alive (OR, in the light that enables people to live).