A psalm written by David for the choir director, to be sung using the tune ❛Do not destroy❜
When you mighty men speak, you never say what is right;
you never decide things about people justly [RHQ]!
No, in your inner beings you think only about doing what is wrong,
and you commit violent crimes in this land of Israel.
Wicked people do wrong things and tell lies from the time that they are born [DOU].
God, show in the heavens how great you are!
And show your glory to people all over the earth!
What wicked people say injures people like the venom of a snake [MET];
They refuse to listen to good advice, as though they were cobras that were deaf [MET]!
As a result, like a snake that does not respond when a charmer plays a flute or when someone sings magic songs,
they do not pay attention when others rebuke them.
God, as for these enemies who want to attack me like young lions,
break their teeth!
Cause them to disappear like water disappears in dry ground!
Cause the arrows that they shoot to have no ◄heads/sharp points►!
Cause them to become like snails that disappear in the slime;
cause them to be like babies that are born dead!
Get rid of them
as fast as thornbushes are blown away after they are cut (OR, as fast as a fire heats a pot over burning thorns).
10 Righteous people will rejoice when they see wicked people being punished as they deserve;
they will wash their feet in the blood of wicked people.
11  Then people will say, “It is true that there is a reward for righteous people;
and there is indeed a God who judges people justly here on the earth!”