A psalm written by David for the choir director, to be accompanied by musical instruments
God, listen to me,
and answer my prayer [DOU]!
While I am discouraged and far from my home,
I am calling out to you.
Lead me to the place that is like a high rock [MET]
on top of which I will be safe.
You have been my refuge;
you have been like a strong tower [MET]
in which I am safe from being attacked by my enemies.
Allow me to live close to your temple all during my life [HYP]!
Allow me to be safe [MET], like a little bird is safe under its mother's wings.
(Think about that!)
God, you heard me when I solemnly promised to give offerings to you;
you have given to me the blessings that belong to those who have an awesome respect for you [MTY].
I am the king of Israel;
please allow me to live and rule for many years,
and allow my descendants to rule also.
Allow us to rule forever while you observe us;
watch over us while you faithfully love us and do for us what you promised.
If you do that, I will always sing to praise you [MTY]
while I offer to you each day the sacrifices that I promised to give to you.