Yahweh, I have come to you to ◄get refuge/be protected►;
never allow me to become ashamed because of being defeated.
Because you always do what is right, help me and rescue me;
listen to me, and save me!
Be like an overhanging rock [MET] under which I can be safe/protected;
be like a strong fortress in which I am safe [DOU].
You continually command (OR, Continually command) your angels to rescue me.
God, rescue me from wicked people,
from the power of unjust and evil men.
Yahweh, my Lord, you are the one whom I confidently expect to help me;
I have trusted in you since I was young.
I have depended on you all my life;
you have taken care of me [IDM] since the day that I was born,
so I will always praise you.
The manner in which I have conducted my life has been an example to many people,
because they realize that you have been my strong defender.
I praise you all day long,
and I proclaim that you are glorious/wonderful.
Now, when I have become an old man, do not reject/abandon me;
do not abandon me now, when I am not strong anymore.
10 My enemies say that they want to kill me;
they plan together how they can do that.
11 They say about me, “God has abandoned him;
so now we can pursue him and seize him,
because there is no one who will rescue him.”
12 God, do not stay far away from me;
hurry to help me!
13 Cause those who ◄accuse me/say that I have done things that are wrong► to be defeated and destroyed;
cause those who want to harm me to be shamed and disgraced.
14 But as for me, I will continually and confidently expect you to do great things for me,
and I will praise you more and more.
15 I will tell people that you do what is right;
all day long I will tell people how you have saved me,
although what you have done is more than I can fully understand.
16 Yahweh, my Lord, I will praise you for your mighty deeds;
I will proclaim that only you always act justly.
17 God, you have taught me many/those things ever since I was young,
and I still tell people about your wonderful deeds.
18 And now, God, when I am old and my hair is gray,
do not abandon me.
Stay with me while I continue to proclaim to my children and grandchildren [HYP] that you are very powerful!
19 God, you do many righteous deeds;
it is as though they extend up to the sky.
You have done great things;
there is no one like you [RHQ].
20 You have caused me to have many troubles and to suffer much,
but you will cause me to become strong again;
when I am almost dead [HYP], you will keep me alive.
21 You will cause me to be greatly honored
and you will encourage/comfort me again.
22 I will also praise you while I play my harp;
I will praise you, my God, for faithfully doing what you have promised to do.
I will play hymns to praise you, the holy God whom we Israelis worship.
23 I [SYN] will shout joyfully while I play the harp for you;
with my entire inner being I will sing
because you have rescued me.
24 All day long I will tell people that you act righteously,
because those who wanted to harm me will have been defeated and disgraced.