A psalm written by Asaph for the choir director, to be sung using the tune ❛Lilies of the covenant❜
Yahweh, you who lead us like a shepherd leads his flock of sheep,
listen to us Israeli people.
You sit on your throne in the Very Holy Place in the temple, above the carvings of winged creatures.
Show yourself to the people of the tribes of Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh!
Show us that you are powerful
and come and rescue us!
God, cause our nation to be strong like it was before;
be kind to us [IDM] in order that we may be saved from our enemies.
Yahweh, you who are the commander of the armies of heaven,
how long will you be angry with us, your people, when we pray to you?
It is as though the only food and drink that you have given us is a cup full of our tears!
You have allowed the people-groups that surround us to fight with each other to decide which part of our land each of them will take;
our enemies laugh at us.
God, commander of the armies of heaven,
cause our nation to be strong like it was before!
Be kind to us in order that we may be saved!
Our ancestors were like a grapevine [MET] that you brought out of Egypt;
you expelled the other people-groups from this land,
and you put your people in their land.
Like people clear ground to plant a grapevine [MET],
you cleared out the people who were living in this land for us to live in it.
Like the roots of a grapevine go deep down into the ground and spread [MET],
you enabled our ancestors to prosper and start living in towns all over this land.
10  Like huge grapevines cover the hills with their shade
and their branches are taller than big cedar trees [MET, HYP],
11  your people ruled all of Canaan, from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Euphrates River in the east.
12 So why have you abandoned us
and allowed our enemies to tear down our walls [RHQ]?
You are like someone who tears down the fences around his vineyard,
with the result that all the people who pass by can steal the grapes,
13 and wild pigs can trample the vines,
and wild animals can also eat the grapes.
14 You who are the commander of the armies of heaven, ◄turn to/stop abandoning► us!
Look down from heaven and see what is happening to us!
Come and rescue us who are like [MET] your grapevine,
15 who are like the young vine that you [SYN] planted and caused to grow!
16 Our enemies have torn down and burned everything in our land;
look at them angrily and get rid of them!
17 But strengthen us people whom you have chosen [IDM],
us Israeli people whom you previously caused to be very strong.
18 When you do that, we will never turn away from you again;
◄revive us/cause us to be again like we were previously►, and then we will praise/worship you.
19 Yahweh, commander of the armies of heaven, restore us;
be kind to us in order that we may be rescued from our enemies!