A psalm written by David for the choir director, to be sung using the tune ❛The death of my son❜
Yahweh, I will praise you with all of my inner being.
I will tell others about all the wonderful things that you have done.
I will sing to celebrate what you [MTY], who are much greater than all other gods, have done.
When my enemies realize that you are very powerful,
they stumble, and then they are killed.
You sat on your throne to judge people,
and you have judged fairly/justly concerning me.
You rebuked the people of other nations
and you have gotten rid of the wicked people;
you have erased their names forever.
Our enemies have disappeared;
you destroyed their cities,
and people do not even remember them anymore.
But Yahweh rules forever.
He judges people while he sits on his throne to judge people,
and he will judge all the people in [SYN] the world justly;
he will judge the people of all nations fairly [DOU].
Yahweh will be a refuge for those who are oppressed;
yes, he will be like a shelter for them when they have trouble.
10 Those who know Yahweh [MTY] trust in him;
he never abandons those who come to him ◄ for help/to worship him►.
11 Yahweh rules from Zion Hill;
praise him while you sing to him.
Tell the people of all the nations the marvelous things that he has done.
12 He does not forget to punish those who have murdered others;
and he will not ignore people who are crying because they are suffering.
13 Yahweh, be merciful to me!
Look at the ways that my enemies have injured me.
Do not allow me to die because of these injuries.
14 I want to live in order that I can praise you at the gates of Jerusalem [MTY]
and to rejoice because you rescued me.
15  It is as though the wicked people of many nations have dug a pit for me to fall into [MET],
but they have fallen into that same pit.
It is as if they spread out a net to catch me [MET],
but their feet have been caught in that same net.
16 Because of what you have done, people know that you decide matters fairly/justly,
but you allow wicked people to be trapped by the same evil things that they themselves do.
(Think about that!)
17 Wicked people will all die and be buried in their graves,
and their spirits will go to be with all those who have ◄forgotten about/rejected► you.
18 But you will not forget those who are needy/poor;
what they confidently expect will certainly happen.
19 Yahweh, arise and judge the wicked people of the nations;
do not allow them to think that because they are strong they will never be punished.
20 Yahweh, teach them to be terrified about you.
Cause them to know that they are merely human beings.
(Think about that!)