Come, sing to Yahweh;
sing joyfully to the one who protects us [MET] and saves us!
We should thank him as we come before him,
and sing ◄joyful songs/joyfully► as we praise him.
Because Yahweh is the great God,
he is a great king who rules over all other gods.
He rules over the whole earth,
from the deepest places/caves to the highest mountains.
The seas are his, because he made them.
He is also the one who [SYN] formed/made the dry land.
We should come, worship, and bow down before him.
We should kneel before Yahweh, the one who made us.
He is our God,
and we are the people whom he takes care of [MET];
like sheep that a shepherd takes care of.
Today, listen to what Yahweh is saying to you.
He says, “Do not become stubborn [IDM] like your ancestors did at Meribah,
and like they did at Massah in the desert.
There your ancestors ◄wanted to see/tried to determine► if they could do many very evil things without my punishing them.
Even though they had seen me perform many miracles, they tested whether I would continue to be patient with them.
10 For forty years I was angry with those people,
and I said, ‘Those people say that they want to please me, but they do things that I detest.
They refuse to obey my commands.’
11 So because I was very angry, I solemnly said/declared about them:
‘They will never enter the land of Canaan where I would have allowed them to rest!’ ”